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U/S results

We had our anatomical u/s yesterday afternoon. The tech and the doc said everything looks good. We are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of.......

Another GIRL!!!

We were kinda hoping for a boy but are thrilled that she looks healthy. DD1 and DD2 were very excited to hear that they will be having a little sister. I am actually a bit relieved I must admit. I already have bags, upon bags, upon bags of girl clothes that will get yet another use.

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Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I posted before, I am fairly certain we are having another girl, too!!!

How fun!!!!

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Congrats on your girl, Whendi! It will be nice to be able to reuse all that stuff you already have.

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Yeah on a healthy baby girl!

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Congrats on another girl!! That's my thinking too, have another girl so all my stuff can get more usage, especially stuff for Hailey, we had to buy a bunch more for her due to being born in May and Heather was December.

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Congrats on another little girl!!!

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Congrats on your healthy baby girl!

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So exciting! Congrats!

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Congrats! Yay for three girls!

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