U/S today

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U/S today

I had my anatomy scan today!!!!!! The tech said the baby is "perfect." Count on us for sure to be team.......

PINK!!!! YAY IT'S 100% A GIRL (the tech was 85% sure at 13 weeks...the NT scan) She is currently breech which explains the kicks to my bladder. I have a fetal echo scheduled for May 10th (SOP for me since I have a +ANA w/ Raynaud's)

I've gained 6lbs, which is 3lbs lighter than my Dr says would be my ideal weight gain, but she is not concerned since the baby looks great. She gave me a prescription for Zantac.

Here is a 4D pic of our little Simone. She had herself nice and nuzzled into the placenta. Silly girl

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YAY Congrats!!! The girls are really starting to make appearances now, maybe the boys aren't going to overrun the board after all :lol:. And what a little cutie, Hailey did that too when I had my 3D done, all cuddled up and cozy looking.

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OMG That is such a cute picture! Congrats on the baby girl!!!

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Congratulations! So exciting!

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Awww congrats!!

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Congrats Katie!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

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Yay, that's awesome, and nice u/s pic!!! Hope the fetal echo goes ok.

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So cute! Congrats on your baby girl!

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Congrats on your little girl!!! Hope the echo goes well!

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yay!!! i love how curled up she is. great pic

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Simone looks so comfy! Love it.

Congrats on your healthy girl!

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Congrats...yeah another girl

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Great picture! Congrats on your little girl!

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Congrats!!!! Glad everything was great! KUP on the echo results.