Ugh..feel awful

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Ugh..feel awful

I've been getting progressively sicker with cold/flu type symptoms for the past 3 days. Of course, this has coincided with having to work like a crazy woman to get Brayden's bigh boy room ready, getting ready for his party (which was today) and working an overbooked schedule in the office yesterday.

I finally called my OB (yeah, the one Im switching away from) when I found the oral thermometer and found that I had fever (I'd been having chills alternating with sweating for awhile, but ear thermometers arent good at all). She called me in some antibiotics and cough medicine... hopefully this wont get any worse, it's MISERABLE.


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Aww hon. Hope ur feel better and the med work. Try to rest but I know that is easier said than done Sad hope ur feeling better soon!

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No fun! I hope the meds work and you feel better soon!

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I hope you feel better definately feel your pain! I started last week w/ a GI bug, Thurday it finally improved and then the very same day I started with a sore throat and sinus congestion which has conitinued and caused insomnia :confused:

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I hope you feel better and get a chance to rest! Sickness always seems to arrive at the worst possible times :-(.

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Sorry you are feeling so bad. Hope the antibiotics and cough meds help. Try to get some rest if you can!

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Yeah, it sure sucks being sick while you're pregnant. During my first pregnancy I didn't get sick at all - now I'm working on my 2nd chest cold with this one...I guess that's the benefit of having a toddler at home Wink

Hope the meds work and you feel better soon!

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Hope you are feeling better soon. I hate being sick and preggo at the same time.

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Well, I got really short of breath, so my OB sent me to the ER. Here I sit awaiting a chest x-ray, taking steroids, and getting a breathing treatment. Yay.

Ugh. No fun.

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Oh man!! Hope it's not serious. Feel better!

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Well, Im home. I have bronchitis, luckily, and not pneumonia.

So, I have an inhaler, a zpak, steroids and cough medicine.

Plus an ER bill that Im SO looking forward to....



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Glad you know what's going on now. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

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I hope the antibiotics work and you start to feel better!

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im sorry, feel better soon!

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Any improvement since you started the meds?

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Well, i can talk without gasping for air, so yes!

Downside is that the steroids jacked my sugars up last PM to 250+, and that made me feel like crap. Such is life, I suppose, though. My OB told me that they'll be off for at least 2 weeks, which I'm NOT happy about, since I'm skipping the GDM tests in favor of home glucose monitoring. *sigh*