Ugh. Good vibes, please.

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Ugh. Good vibes, please.

I called my ob today because things have just been a little off.

First off, I weigh myself every day 1st thing in the AM, and in the past 2 days, I've gained 7 lbs. That's INSANE, considering that it brings my total weight gain for the pregnancy to 14 lbs. There is NO possible way it's real weight, so I really think it must be water weight. Yikes. I've got a TINY bit (not really even 1+) pitting edema in both legs that doesnt go away.

I've also been having daily intestinal upset - every. single. morning. and sometimes throughout the day. I have NO idea what's up with that.

Yesterday, I was having some pretty intense BH all day, to the point where I would occasionally stop talking/walking. They didnt HURT, but they sure were intense.

I havent been sleeping well and I know I havent been drinking enough, which may be the root cause of all of this (and probably is) but I thought I'd give her a call anyways since Im a little paranoid.

I have to go see the nurse tomorrow for blood pressure reading and to POAS to check for protein and stuff. She also told me that this weekend, Im supposed to be on modified bed there go MY plans. *sigh*

Also, my fasting glucose this AM hit 90, which Im NOT happy about. Granted, I WAS up late last night and had a whole wheat bagel w/peanut butter at about 11 pm and i tested at 0630, so that probably affected it a bit.

good vibes, please, that it's just a matter of hydrating well enough and getting enough sleep, and that it's NOT due to anything yucky.


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thinking of you! I am sure it is just your body telling you to take it easy and give yourself a break, take good care of yourself!

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Agreed on the necessity to drink more water! My OB chides me for not drinking enough, and told me dehydration is the #1 cause for preterm labor, so I've been doing my best to drink up.

Hoping all is well with you and it's just a wicked combo of dehydration and lack of sleep, rather than something bigger/more serious.

Keep us posted!

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I hope all goes well for you! Try not to dwell on it too much.... if that's possible.


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Thinking you of! Try and rest and KUP!

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything is fine! Definitely try to make yourself drink more water. I had some pretty crazy BH a few weeks ago, and once I got hydrated, they stopped right away. I'm hoping it's something simple like that for you!

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Hope all is well. Let us know how your BP is today. That pitting edema sounds yucky. I know it's no fun. Rest up and hydrate!

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Hopefully everything will turn out fine. Keeping yourself rested and hydrated is so important and it can totally affect you, so maybe it's just your body's way of telling you to drink more and get a little more rest. Please kup.

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Try to rest as much as you can!! I am sure everything is fine!!

I am also struggling with staying hydrated. I get so busy and just forget!

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I struggle with staying hydrated as well. I just dread having to drink. Sad

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I agree it sounds like you need a lot more fluid. Try juices, flavored waters, Popsicles, lots of fruit, and drinking from a straw, which for some reason helps me drink more plain water. Fruit will also help you if you have loose stool as it has lots of fiber.

What is your fasting sugar usually? I ask b/c 90 sounds very normal to me. If your fasting sugar is usually lower, it doesn't necessarily mean you are starting to have glucose intolerance. With my last pregnancy and with this one my sugar levels went up a bit just b/c it is taking my body longer to process sugars. But next time you eat something with a lot of carbs before bed, I'd just complement it with some peanuts or a couple slices of cheese or something else with a lot of protein.

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Try and take it easy, thinking of you. Keep us updated

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Things are fine.

Everything looked ok - BP is fine, no protein, glucose or infection on the dipstick, even though I ate lunch just a little before I went.

They got me as up 4 lbs from my last appt, not the 7+ I had gotten at I dont have to go back until next week (regular appt).

I've been trying to hydrate like crazy, I hate drinking water.

Oh, and I had GDM last time, fastings had to be

So, all appears to be well.

Only embarrassing thing is I ended up with MAJOR preggo brain afterwards, and completely spaced on a doula interview I had set up, so she comes over, and Im all "whaaa?" trying to figure out who on earth she is.


Talk about embarassing.

Liked her, though. Have 2 more interviews this weekend.


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Sorry to hear you're not feeling very well - I'm sure it's due to hydration and rest. I certainly know I feel rotten when I have a busy day and don't drink enough.
Rest up this weekend and KUP!

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Glad all is well, and lol@ pregnancy brain, I've had some MAJOR episodes of it, its terrible!