Ultrasound pictures!

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Ultrasound pictures!

Finally got around to uploading them, less than a week though I think that's pretty good. Wink We don't have a scanner so they are just pictures of pictures

I almost got nervous, since he was bent in half the whole time it was a little harder to get a good gender shot but she did get one Smile I had her check twice during the ultrasound, so I'm pretty confident he's definitely a boy

And the pictures of him playing with his feet Smile

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OMG the pics of him playing with his feet are precious!!

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What cute pics, especially that last one.

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OMG that is sooooo adorable!!!! Already playin with his lil piggies!!! That makes my heart melt!!! Those tiny little piggies!!! Smile

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Bahaha! I always wonder what those kids do in there to keep from getting bored. Looks like you have an answer for yours! ROFL That's adorable!

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GREAT pictures! Those last two are so precious! We haven't gotten anything nearly that cute with either of the boys' ultrasounds!

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I love how animated the pictures are of him playing with his feet!!!

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SO cute!

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Mandi I think he has a foot fedish! LOL
It amazing how much they can capture on US. For me this time its kinda disappointing because all the Us pics I get are so busy and even during the scan its so confusing! I never know who I'm looking at!

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Too cute! The picture quality is amazing.

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greast pics! i've never seen a boy scan so clear! the hand to feet one is my fav as well!

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Those are great pics. Thanks for sharing!

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Great pics! I'm totally cracked up the tech labeled the last one "flexible." Too funny! Thanks for sharing :-).

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Great shots!

I always wonder what those kids do in there to keep from getting bored.

Ha ha, jumping on the bladder of course!