ultrasound today

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ultrasound today

Went for the ultrasound today. Jayden is all good. He was.curled up in a ball laying as low as possible which explains all the pressure in my pelvic area. He is head down thou so that is good. He stretched his legs out over his head at one point and even the tech was like OMG look at those long legs...lol. He weighed in at around 2 lbs 4 oz and they said he is in the 50%tile for size at this point. My cervix is still good and.closed and they have no reason for my contractions. I had a really bad.one at work today. As long as they are not consistent or get worse I guess I don't have to really worry bout them. It's just something that my body is doing and that's all. So one more day or school left then its summer vacation and I can relax. I have my 2nd 3D ultrasound set for July 5 so that's the next mark I'm looking forward too.

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Glad your u/s went well. This little guy is nestled down pretty low too. I'm glad school is almost over for you, you need a break.

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I'm glad everything went well at the u/s. My LO is really, really low already... I have pelvic pressure here and there if I do too much active stuff and am getting contrax too. Glad everything looked good for you. Sorry that your body is working hard already.

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I had those contrax starting at 33 weeks with dd. They didn't do anything to my cervix but sometimes they would hurt like snot. I hope now that school is almost over you can rest.

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I am glad that all checked out well!

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Glad to hear that it went well!

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Glad ur u/s went well Smile and yay that school is almost out soo u can relax.

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Glad you had a good appt and the Jayden looked good. I feel ya on the contractions. It's nice to know that they aren't doing other than annoying you! Hope you can relax a bit since school is out!

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Glad everything is going well and he's doing fine! I bet you're glad school is out now, time to sit back and relax! I'm looking forward to my next 3D u/s as well, then the next thing to look forward to is delivery day lol. Time's going fast!