Umbilical Hernia

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Umbilical Hernia

I'm pretty sure Thalia has one. Her belly button juts pretty far out especially when she stretches or does any type of pushing. I hope this isn't painful for her. Our next appt w the pedi is 11/4, we'll definitely find out what it is then.

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I hope your dr gives you some answers.

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Evie has what I lovingly refer to as a bullfrog belly. When she's laying on her back and relaxing, her belly flops out to the side and looks wide like a bullfrog's. Her doc said what it is and it's how her abdominal muscles are, some people have it. She also mentioned that when she starts getting control over those abdominal muscles, that she'll start to have an area "pop" out when she uses them to go poop or sit up. Basically, when she flexes her abs, one area sticks out. If my doc hadn't have warned me about this I would have thought something was wrong. Of, course, the bullfog belly was a little concerning to me cause my boys didn't have that. Neither is of concern, though.

Perhaps Thalia is the same?

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Hopefully it isn't anything too concerning. If it is an umbilical hernia, I think they usually resolve themselves. Brandon had an inguinal hernia that we discovered when he was around two...since his didn't disappear on its own he had to have surgery but it was very minor surgery and he was back to his normal self the next day. KUP.

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They usually resolve on their own, but definitely have your pediatrician take a look at it.

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"Nell4Him" wrote:

Perhaps Thalia is the same?

No, I'm pretty sure it's a hernia. I looked up images on google of one and there's a pic of one that looks identical to hers. I'll KUP

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I have a umbilical cord hernia, doctor checked it at the 6 week appt and he said most of the time they go away. But I would bring it up to the pedi so you both just watch it and make sure it doesn't grow.

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I hope it is nothing serious. KUP

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Brad has one two and I was told it will resolve itself.