Unexpected dr visit.

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Unexpected dr visit.

So last night, I got a really bad headache. I hoped that a goodnight's sleep would help... But it was still raging in the morning. I took some tylenol, but that did nothing.... Took a nap this afternoon, which helped some. But still definitely there... Finally called the Dr around 3:45 and she said to come in just to ve checked. Got the kids around quickly and went in. Everything looked good. BP was just a little elevated, but still in the normal range. She guessed it was just a stress headache... I'm glad all is fine and now I have some peace of mind. This is the first time with any of my pregnancies, that I've gone in the same day for a non-regular appt. I still have a headache... Hope it is gone in the am... I never, ever get them.

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Hope your headache goes away soon!

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yuck! i always get them in early pregnancy when i'm cutting back on my caffine intake but thinkfully havn't had any lately. Hope you feel better soon.

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Hope yur headache goes away and u get some relief!

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Headaches suck during pregnancy...I've had them all along & you can't take anything & tylenol doesn't work for me

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Hope that darned headache is gone soon! take care of yourself

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Glad everything looks okay but yuck on the headache! I really haven't gotten them much in the 3rd trimester (well, until they put me on the magnesium) but 1st and 2nd tri I got them a lot and they really stink, especially when all you can really take is regular strength tylenol

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My dr. wrote me a prescription for a handful of fioricet pills... said I could take a pill or two to take the edge off if I needed to, that it was safe this late in pregnancy. But, I had the two littles with me and didn't feel like dragging them into Wal-Greens on my own last night and I'm just a little chicken to take anything stronger than Tylenol in pregnancy anyways. The headache is mostly gone this morning, just a little behind my right eye... so, I'm hoping I don't have to go out and get the prescrip filled this morning.

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I hope you're feeling better! I'm glad it wasn't blood pressure related.

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Sorry to hear about the headache. I know how miserable bad headaches can be. I get migraines normally but they go away during pregnancy for some reason. The worst part is not being able to take anything stronger to try and help.

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Are you feeling better?

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That sucks! I hope your headache goes away asap!!!

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Glad your BP was ok, hope your headache went away!

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Doing much better this afternoon/rest of tonight! Smile Feeling normal again... well, as normal as an almost 9 month preggo lady can. I actually did the dishes, put away all the clean laundry, vacuumed, and took the kids outside to play all before lunch! After lunch was naps and just some relaxing before making a REAL dinner! It feels good to be human again. Biggrin