Unwanted Advice. grrr!!

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Unwanted Advice. grrr!!

WHY is it, when you first start something, every body and their mama has something to "tell you"!!

NEVER do I offer my advice, UNLESS it is ASKED upon me! I don't see why so many other people think its OK to give their unwanted stupid advice!

I understand with like first time moms, everyone gives that annoying advice. been there done that.

well NOW, I have everyone in my family telling me HOW to buy a house. We JUST got our pre approval, we saw a house today and we loved it and we are going to put an offer in.

This is just SOME of the advice they've been giving me:

-"Make sure you stay away from this ___ area of town"
-"Make sure they pay closing costs"
-"Make sure you give an offer that is lower than the asking price"
-"Make sure the house is move in ready"
-"Make sure you look at the schools in the area"
-"omg it doesn't have appliances?? what are you going to do??" (as if I can't possibly BUY any appliances! it's really NOT a big deal!)

I mean, thee MOST BIZARRE, ODD, and OBVIOUS, advice anyone can get!!! I am sick of it! SO i just posted on my FB a letter, hopefully i sound nice, asking everyone to stop giving us advice. Ive researched buying a house for YEARS. I KNOW what I am doing.

The house we picked does need some cosmetic work on the inside, like the carpets need to be removed, (i want to replace it with laminate) doors need to be replaced. holes in the walls need patched. but for the price, and the area of town this house is in, it's totally worth it.

I am so sick of people asking me "do you have the money for these renovations??" Im like OMG why does everyone think i am so broke?? a freaking door costs $50. big woop. it's a bunch of little tiny fixtures that need replaced and it's really not going to cost that much.

my DH has several friends and his father specializes in home improvement. most things we can get for dirt cheap and we have several people that will and want to help us renovate. I ENJOY renovating, I love building things with my hands and I don't mind at all to have to do some small improvements.

I wish people would stop telling me their dumb advice and let me choose whats best for my family. It's stressing the crap out of me!

Thank you for listening.

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Just Like pregnancy and child rearing, everyone has something to say!

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I totally understand. Having recently bought a "fixer upper" ourselves (and it needs much more work than the house you're looking at) we got some interesting comments. And it's our second house! That's when I go into "smile and nod" mode. I hope they leave you alone- it sounds to me like you have a very good idea of what you're getting into!

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Congrats on finding a house so soon! KUP. I love real estate and thought the whole process was very interesting.

Have fun with the renovations. I was disappointed that I couldn't be more hands on with ours. But, there will be plenty more to do in the Spring once the snow is gone and this LO is bigger.