Update On The 3D U/S Issue! :D

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Update On The 3D U/S Issue! :D

So as you saw I emailed them, and they prompty emailed me back with my options. Obviously hubby and I chose to go back and do it all again for free. Yesterday hubby and I worked out when we wanted to go - or more so, when it was most convienient for us to actually go back. We decided that we wanted to try for 3 weeks from now, at which point I'll be just over 27 weeks! They say that around 30+ weeks that it can be hard to get good face shots etc because some babies flip, therefore, making it harder to get those perfect images.

Anyways, I learned through email that "Freda" the woman we had on Saturday is actually their FULL TIME tech :eek: :eek: :eek:!! I can't see how because honestly I think she's terrible! They have 3 other part time techs, and after the woman gave me their names, one actually seemed to stick out for some reason. So I replied back and asked if she was youngish, skinny and had brown hair, if so she might be the one, but in the end it doesnt matter who we have as long as it's not the one we didn't like!

So, my new date to see our little girl for the 4th time before we truely get to meet her is: Saturday, June 25th @2pm!! Not sure how we're going to fit in going to the Science Center though because I was hoping to get out at 2, have a bite to eat then go, however, if we get there around 1, we can eat, do the u/s and then go straight to the science center. They close at 6pm so I"m hoping 3 hours with 4 kids is more than enough time to take on 4 floors of attractions!! Now we have a new count down to go with, and then one final count down after that before she's here! Getting exciting now, and now I can verify again that she is definately a she :LOL:.

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Yay!! I am thrilled it all worked out for you! I hope you get a better tech this time. I've had a similar experience and it does suck when the techs are less cooperative than the babies inside of us. Wink

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Yay, I hope everything works out better this time.

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I hope u have a better experience this time Smile

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Yay!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!!