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we moved... and get a little "free" internet shhh lol went to dr on weds... girls are doing GREAT! sydneys fluid was up to 105 and in the "normal levels" which is awesome! both girls were moving like crazy and were doing good on everything they looked for. he once again talked about how far he thinks im going to make it.. i hate to tell that man that i plan on keeping these babies in there till at least 36 weeks... lol he says 32 is icing on the cake... 34 is the cute flowers and any further is sprinkles.. he asked me to see what kinda vibe i get from my ob about if they can handle it if i make it to a point he will release me.. so i went to my ob yesterday.. and saw the dr i havent seen since way before this all started i was less then happy she was like have i met you yet? umm yes... weeks ago.. shes like oh yea... (okay u see alot of people and uve only seen me once...) so shes like whats been going on.. so i told her... so shes like wow and we are goin on with the apt.. i ask about if they feel comfortable and feel it would be okay if i delivered there.. she didnt really answer (i hear she is leaving so makes me feel like eather she doesn't know bc she doesn't or she figures i wont be here so i shouldn't answer??) she then asked what the dr said about it.. i was like if i make it past 32 weeks.. he will release me..so she beat around the bush.. i hope i see the other dr next week.. ugh! i guess people just dont know till it happens but as a preg mom.. id like a idea of whats going on rather then u go here and ill send you there and maybe they will send you there.. she did say about non stress tests weekly starting next week ugh! so i go to dr 2 hrs away weds there on thurs and then gotta fit nst on top of that i should move to drs and hosp... lol at least they have air lol well off to unpack some more if i can keep borrowing internet ill be back soon

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Glad all is well! KUP!

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Sounds like things are going great! Thanks for the update!

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Glad everything is going well. Hope you are able to bake your girls until at least 36 weeks.

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glad things are going well, hopefully you find out more details soon. Smile

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Wow sounds alot of running around, makes me tired reading all that lol. but on another note, I'm glad that all is looking well with the girls! Stay in there little ones!

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Glad that you and the girls are doing well!

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Glad all looks good with babies Smile hope u get more awnsers soon.

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Great news about the fluid levels!! What a relief!

Glad you were able to check in. Keep us posted when you can!

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I am so glad everything is going well!