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While I have zero to very spotty phone reception (no texts or phone calls) I just figured out how to connect to the hospitals wifi from my cell phone. I was admitted today, I came in around 6pm eastern time to L&D, since then they have me in a labor room on the L&D floor, they are monitoring my BP every 15 minutes, checking all urine for protein, they did bloodwork again and put these cuffs on my legs for my circulation. Also they are monitoring Thalia's heartbeat and the other monitor for contractions (which I'm not having any) it's much too uncomfortable to sleep with these leg cuffs going off every 30 seconds, the bp cuff going off every 15 minutes and them loosing her hb everytime I move an inch. it looks like I'm in here atleast for the weekend. They are starting a 24-hour urine collection at 6am. Sometime from here till then I'll be moved to my "permanent" room upstairs. I'll update as I can but so far everythings been good (bp and urine)

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Aww poor thing! That's def no fun being hooked up to all that stuff. I am glad so far so good, I hope you are able to get some sleep soon. Smile

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Praying for you and Thalia! I'm glad everything is good so far. I hope you can get some rest!

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We are thinking about you Sonia and little Thalia! I hope they can get you off the moniters and into a more permanent room soon! KUP!

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Glad things are looking good this far, but sorry you're so uncomfy that you can't sleep. Hope you can get moved soon and get some rest. hang in there!