Update on Janelle-Updated again 5pm. pst

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Update on Janelle-Updated again 5pm. pst

I just got a text from Janelle:

Contraction right on top of each other hurts like a mo fu-er going in now!

Will update more when I hear from her. Good luck Janelle!!!

Just received another text. Congratulations Janelle and family!!!

All done it's a girl Smile

7 pounds 0 oz

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OOOOOOOHHH! I hope this is it! Smile

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Hope they keep her this time! GL Janelle!!

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Good luck girl! I hope you are at the birthing centre and we get to find out what it is!

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Hope this is it! Can't wait for another update.

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:woohoo: Good luck Janelle! Hope all goes quick and smoothly Biggrin

EDIT: Just saw her fb status, the baby was born CONGRATS JANELLE!!! *will let her bb update with the details LOL*

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Omgoodness! Congrats Janelle how exciting!

I am sure it was all worth it!

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oh wow!!!!!!! Congrats!

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Congrats janelle!!! Yay!

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YAY!! Congrats Janelle!

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Congrats Janelle!!! You got your girl! Yay!

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Congrats on a baby girl. Glad you can finally get a relief from those contractions. Can't wait to see pics and here birthing story. Yahoo

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Yay! I am SO happy for you, Janelle!

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CONGRATULATIONS JANELLE!!!!!! Girls are so fun

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Yay! Can't wait to read the birth story!

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Yay! Congrats!

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Congrats janelle!!

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Congrates Janelle and family!!! Yahoo

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Congratulation Janelle! WTTW little girl! Smile So happy you got your girl. Smile Can't wait to hear more details.

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Congratulations on your little girl.

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Congrats Smile

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Congratulation Janelle! I can't believe she's a girl!!!! Can't wait to hear the details, you sure were a trouper hanging in there!

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Congrats Janelle!!

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I'm working on my birth story for our #3. We just came home last night and I'm trying to play a little catch up AND spend some time with my Jacob and Daniel.

But our little crazy baby came on Monday!

I started contracting Friday evening after having my membranes stripped around 11am... then I kept contracting all weekend with lots of frequent bloody show. Monday about 11am I was 3cm still and DH and I came home about noon, had lunch, then a little nooky and BOOM! I was in transition! It was crazy. We arrived at the hospital about 3:30, they checked us said a little past 4cm I cussed and demanded the paperwork get started for the epidural. About 20 minutes later my fore bag broke and there was a LOT of blood. They checked me again and I was 7cm. I told them not to leave the room. 2 contractions later I stood up from the pain and felt the baby coming down the birthing canal on it's own!!! My birthing coach called them in and I got on my back, they checked me and I was complete and the bag was still bulging. So they broke my waters saw what they thought was a little muconium and I was pushing. 2 pushes to crown completely and one final push and baby was out! I actually fell asleep mid pushing. It was very weird. I didn't pass out, but literally my body shut off.

Our little surprise ended up being a little girl!!!

Evelyn Janelle was born at 4:28pm weighing 7lbs even, 19.5 inches long and a 13.5 inch head. Perfectly round head, too cause she didn't spend much time in the birthing canal.

After I write all of the birth story out (there's a lot more details that aren't in this little bit) I will share it with you all.

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Congrats Janelle!!

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Oh Wow! Sounds like a quick birth once labor really kicked in. Smile Congrats on your little girl. What do the boys think of a girl? I bet you are in heaven! Smile

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Beautiful name, Congrats again Janelle!