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Update on me

So many of you are having a rough time right now...I wanted to perk up the board with some good news!
As you all know, I've had several bleeding episodes throughout this pregnancy, and a previa that we have been monitoring very closely. I was told at 20 weeks to likely prepare for a c/s, which is my greatest fear.
I had another follow-up ultrasound yesterday....and I'm in the clear! My placenta has moved so much in the last 4 weeks that I'm well over the required distance from the placenta for a vaginal delivery! I am so relieved and excited I cannot tell you all. Now I'm actually starting to get excited about this delivery instead of dreading it, and I need to get going on my hypnobabies now since I've been neglecting it so far.
I want to thank you all for your support and concern through this. I know my problem seems insignificant compared to some of the things you all have been facing, but it really did seem kind of like the end of the world to me LOL.

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That's wonderful news!!! I'm so glad your placenta moved up and you're not going to need a c-section.

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That is wonderful news!! I know how dedicated you are to having a natural birth experience. I am so glad that you are in the clear!!

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That's awesome!!!! I'm so happy for you.

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That is great! I'm sure I would have been very upset too so I can't blame you.

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What wonderful news!!!!

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Yahoo How wonderful!!! Congrats! Yahoo

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Not at all insignificant! What great news! I have been meaning to email you for an update on that because you mentioned things were looking better! I am so happy for you!!!!

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so awesome!

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That is wonderful! Congratulations!

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That is fantastic news!!! I've been wondering how you were doing and what was going on with that. So glad to hear that you're in the clear!

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That is such great news! I had partial previa with DS and remember feeling the same way until I got the all clear sign around 32 weeks. I'm so happy you can now shoot for the birth experience you want.

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Thats wonderful news and definately NOT insignificant....every little thing is important for all of us....:yahoo:

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Great news!!!! And it's not insignifigant at all, especially when you are planning a nautural delivery!

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Great news!!! Yahoo

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awesome news!! Smile