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Update on me

Thank you, Mandi, for updating everyone. I was so out of sorts once I started getting drugs last night.

Those darn contractions picked right back up after I posted and I couldn't talk through them. The pain was in my back and lower belly. So I called the hospital and they had me come in. Dh called his parents to come over to watch dd but they took forever, so when we finally got out I was crying in pain. We got to the hospital and the nurses were jumping around like crazy, I had three working on me at one point. When they checked my cervix, she said it was 1-2cm and very thick. I broke down crying at that point, I was so afraid the baby was coming. They said it was ok, I was probably just dilating a little early and being thick still was a good sign. They couldn't do the fetal fibronectan shot to see if I am going into labor in the next couple weeks b/c I had dtd. So they gave me an IV and terbutaline. About an hour later I felt the contractions again and they gave me another shot and the nubaine. The nubaine made me itchy all over so they also gave me bendaryl and half an hour later another shot of terbutaline. I wasn't feeling the contractions but they were still every 5 minutes. Between being itchy, disoriented and the bed felt like I was laying on a table, I didn't get much sleep.

But I'm doing lots better now, especially after sleeping. I have an appt with the dr over the midwives on Wednesday so we will see how that goes. Until then I'm on bedrest.

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sounds scary! I hope your appointment goes good on Wednesday.

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I'm sorry you had such an eventful/scary night! I'm so glad that they were able to get things calmed down enough that you could go home. Hang in there and definitely keep us posted!

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No problem updating! I'm glad you are home, hopefully you can bake that baby a few more weeks!

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I'm so glad that you are home and baby is still baking!!!

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Glad to hear you are home. Hopefully you can keep that baby baking more.

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So glad they got the contractions under control. Hope you can keep that baby baking for a few more weeks. Hang in there girl.

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I am glad your home and they were able to keep LO baking. plz KUP hope all goes well at your appt on wed.

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Sad Sorry you had to go through all that. I hope you are able to get some rest now. Smile

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How are you feeling today? Hope you got some rest last night!

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How scary. I'm glad you were able to come home and that baby is still baking. Hopefully you get some good news at your mw appt. on wed.