update on me and the girls

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update on me and the girls

went to dr today to check up on how they were doing and they were doing great! baby b's fluid is up to 88 from like 57 which is awesome! both hearts were beating and they were dancing all around. lungs are still 8 out of 8 which is good and my stitches in my cervix looked good and my cervix looked great he said i still gotta go back every week for awhile to make sure it stays this way but it was so great to hear that the girls were doing good Smile he is hoping i make it to 34 weeks but he also said his gut feeling is my water will break at 32 but we are playing that part by ear also found out my bigger better apartment is ready for me.... but bc of money issues we may have to pass on this one and wait for another one... Sad oh well.. rather spend all my money on gas making sure these girls are good and staying baking i wanna keep them in there as long as possible and avoid the hosp before 34 weeks.. i like the hosp i like the dr.. but its way 2 far away from home so the longer we bake these babies the better shot i have at having them close to home

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glad for the good report!

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Encouraging news all around! Keep baking those girls!

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What great news! I have been thinking of you and your girls often, glad things are looking up!

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So glad everything is looking good!

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Glad everything is going well! KUP on you and the girlies!

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Awesome news! So happy. Keep baking 'em girls in there. Here's to 34 weeks++!!

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Glad that everything is going well. I hope you make it to 34 weeks.

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Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile

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Yahoo for some good news! Yahoo

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Yay for such awesome news! What a story you will have to share with them someday!

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Wahoo!!!! :). Great news glad all is looking good!

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Glad everything is looking good with your two sweeties.

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It's great to hear they're doing so well!!

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