Update and nursery pics! (XP)

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Update and nursery pics! (XP)

Hi girls!

I'm so sorry I haven't been around...I haven't even had time to lurk. While I'm still catching up with all of you, I wanted to share the pictures of the nursery that is 'done enough' for baby to come home (sorry these are huge):

My DH hand painted all the trees - i LOVE them! Also, please don't mind the dangling smoke detector...it needs a new battery and leaving it dangling is my reminder that it MUST bew replaced before baby arrives!

Now that the nursery is 'done enough', we are all set! Car seat is in, bag is packed (except for last minute items like makeup), clothes are washed, house has been deep-cleaned (thank you crazy nesting!) I have only one more meal to make/freeze, bassinet is set up in our room...All I need now is a baby!

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Very cute! The tree's are awesome. The whole thing looks very comfy!

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Great nursery!! I love the trees! I agree, looks very comfy!

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I absolutely LOVE the trees!!!!! and that light is soooo awesome. Smile Such a cute nursery.

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The nursery looks great...I love the trees. You're so close Yahoo

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The trees turned out AWESOME!!! I love it! Glad to know everything is going well- I was wondering where you were! Sounds like you've got tons of stuff done :-).

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Those trees are fantastic! It looks great! Smile Now for the baby...

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The nursery looks great, especially the trees!

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Looks great...I love the little chandelier! What a relief to have everything ready to go!

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Love it!

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Look great!!!!!
LOve it!!!