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update to results post

So after a very long appointment with a genetic counselor, another ultrasound and a specialist, we found out some better news today. We are not completly out of the woods but the specialist thinks that from the chest and forehead measurements the baby doesn't look like dwarfism isn't a huge issue. He thinks that more then likely our son will just not be very tall.
So I never expected a tall child (I am the tallest female in my family at 5'4", and his father is average around 5'10".
So we have to have ultrasounds every 4 weeks to keep track of the femur and humorous lengths but the specialist is letting us go back to our doctor for those.
I am really glad they got us in quickly so we didn't have to wait and stress.
I really appreciate you all and your encouraging thoughts. My husband thought it was great that there is a place like this site that allows for us to have these concerns and a place to vent.
You gals are AMAZING!

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Yay for good results! I'm so glad for you that that weight is off your chest.

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That's great news. You and DH must be so relieved. I hope you continue to get good news as you progress through this prengnancy.

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I'm happy that you got potentially good news.

Here's to more happy news coming. Smile

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Yeah for good news. I checked on here b 4 I went to bed and was hoping you had good news

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I hope that you continue to get good news! :bigarmhug:

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Glad to hear the good news. :bigarmhug:

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That is great news! I hope you continue to get good news on this throughout the pregnancy!

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Glad everything looks good!!

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awesome news! tht must be such a relief. and you get to see your LO every 4 weeks Smile

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"LizzyLaw06" wrote:

awesome news! tht must be such a relief. and you get to see your LO every 4 weeks Smile

Exactly what I was thinking!