Update--TMI info

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Update--TMI info

Thank you ladies for checking on me to see if im feeling better. I am better then I was the other day. I still think something is going on thou. I'm holding out if possible cause I see the doc on Thursday.

Here are my symptoms:
* I've been having menstrual like cramps, nothing consistent, and their only up front and lower not all over or in the back.

* (TMI) When I got home last night I had a bunch of gooey, rubbery like, whitish stuff in my underwear

* feeling a bit flush
* (TMI) im having a weird pressure feeling inside my vagina when i go to the bathroom

So I dont know if maybe im loosing my mucous plug. I dont think its a infection, doesnt feel like that. Nothing is consistent so I'm not panicking or worrying. If it gets worse or more consistent I'll call the doc, but I'm not going to freak out and run to the ER. I also read that braxton hicks can also feel like menstral cramps so Im thinking that is all it is.

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It's so hard to say. All of those things could be normal but if you are feeling off it wouldn't hurt to call your dr and check to see if they want to see you sooner than Thursday.

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I agree with Mandi- we're far enough long that it could go either way at this point. It can't hurt to call and at least talk to the nurse or something.

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Best to call your dr just to make sure. My dr asks that I call when I feel "funny" so he can have a track record of things that are going on. That way if you call again in a week or so you have background info on your situation that may lead to a diagnosis.

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I agree, when I was pregnant with dd and was having BH a lot, at first the dr said it was no big deal. But after a few days she started getting concerned. I'd just call and let them know.