an update from us.

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an update from us.

Hey ladies, thought I'd drop you a line I know I haven't posted a ton but I am slowly triing to catch up . ( My laptop broke soo I have to post off my blackberry and it takes me forever lol!well I'm still on modified bed rest bored as hell lol but catching up on my beauty sleep b4 baby comes lol Wink I had my specialist appt yesterday as sum might remember baby had a calcification in his abdomin. The doctor says baby most likley reabsorb it. But the concern is that the calcification is growing it has gone from 4 mm to 6 mm in 3 wks. The dr also noted baby isn't growing aswell as he should be parts of him are only messuring 19 wks and I am 23 wks. So with this info the dr believes that the calcificaton is caused by some kind of infection in the baby but there is no way to detect what is causeing it Sad the dr ordered sum blood work but I refused the amnio at this point so hopefully we will get some awnsers. If this is a infection that is causing this the dr is concerned my placenta will age be4 its time hence why baby isn't growing aswell. Worst case senario baby might have to come quite early. The dr has booked u/s every 4 wks till my due date and there is some discussion about starting steriods around 28 wks to help develop his lungs. The dr made a appt to go in a discuss my delievery plan soo I don't know much more than that. Plz say a prayer this lil man starts growing. But dr definetly does not have what sky has which is great news and if my placenta holds up this baby should be healthy Smile

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What a whirlwind of emotions! It stinks that your laptop is broken while you are on bedrest. I'll be praying that the baby stays healthy and growing inside you!

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:bighug: I hope baby starts growing you get good news at your next appointment!

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Oh wow, what a trying time you're going through! Sorry that not all aspects of the little guy are measuring where they should be and that there's a possibility that he'll have to be born rather early. Here's hoping everything starts going as it should and you don't need to have him sooner than you'd like.

Hang in there! Thanks for the update :bighug:

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Keep growing, baby! I'm glad your doctor is being proactive and keeping a close eye on you and the bean. Hope the next u/s shows an improvement in growth measurements, and a decrease in the size of the calcification!

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I'm so sorry you are going thru this. You both are in my prayers, hoping the little guy will keep growing and you can keep him in there as long as possible. Keep us posted.

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How scary. I hope baby continues to grow and that everything turns out ok. Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way.

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:bigarmhug: Definitely praying your little man starts growing more and the calcification clears up on it's own. Keep us updated on your little guy and good luck!

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Thanks ladies for your kind words Smile we are staying poitive that lil man will start to grow Smile I am very lucky to have the same ob who discovered skylers anomolies when I was pregnant . I am glad he is gunna keep a close eye on us and make sure everything is ok. I will make sure to keep u ladies updated

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Growing, growing, growing vibes! I am glad your dr. is on top of everything though. It sounds like you are getting the care you need. Hang in there!

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We are thinking of you and your precious baby Jen! Get growing baby!!!