Update on us....

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Update on us....

Thalia had her two month check up yesterday. We switched pediatricians because something was just not right with the last one and the place was inconveniently far. This new place is soooo awesome. The dr did a very thorough exam and said she looks good. We are waiting a week so that they can get her records from the other place to give her her 2 month shots.

Something that was a bit concerning is that Thalia does not seem to have grown much since our last appointment on 10/7. Then she weighed 7.7 and was 19 inches, yesterday they said she was 7.13 and 20 inches :eek: Something has to be off there and I'm thinking maybe the scale at the last place was wrong or the girl read it wrong (it was not a digital scale) The new dr said we'll keep an eye on it. She definitely has an umbilical hernia, dr said they dont make any decisions or do anything about it until she's 2 and it should go away on its own. Thalia's gas is more under control and I mentioned to the dr that I was told to give her maalox and the dr looked at me like I had five heads and said we do not give baby maalox, not even older kids. She said the gas drops are fine because they are not absorbed by the baby. She gave us some other pointers as to the gas including chamomile tea. As far as her growth the dr said she is right on target as she wants to see her gain a pound every two weeks which is where she's at now.

I'm back to work, having mixed feelings about it. My mom is at home with the baby. As far as bf goes now I'm actually putting her to the breast and she still latches (I know I am SO backwards) I'm pumping at work which is going well. We're still working on scheduled and proper latching especially on the right side. It was real though at first for me and sometimes still is when ppl act like they can do a better job at raising Thalia than I can. They used to treat me like I didn't know what I was doing but it has gotten better.

Thanks for reading!!

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Glad to hear you had a good appt. and that you like your new pedi. I true believer that no one knows my babies like I do (not even DH) so don't let anyone tell you how to raise your daughter. I got that a lot with DD1 and I think she is turning out to be an amazing, smart and beautiful girl. And good for you to be still BF while working, not sure if I could do that.

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Glad you found a pedi that you like!! i agree, only YOU know what is best for Thalia! i had a hard time with BFing in the beginning. She wouldnt latch after she was born, 5 days later we found out she would nurse wiht a nipple shield, which was difficult to use. My mom a week after she was born while visiting us ripped the shield off my nipple and tried to force kendra onto my breast! I was upset to say the least not to mention that she made me feel like a complete failure (cause she was a super BFer has was able to shoot her milk 5 feet out by just touching her breast) and formula didnt touch her kids lips. i've had a few people judge me on stuff that i do, from how i have her bundled up, to how much i feed her, to how often i let her nap when i was home with her. i wish people would just let us new mommys do what is best for our babies, we have to learn just like ALL new mommies do! Glad pumping at work is working well for you, my boobs dont like the pump now that kendra is nursing properly LOL i only get 2 to 2 1/2 oz every 3-4 hours Sad

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I totally agree that you know your baby best. I was so nervous before my baby was born since I am FTM. I thought how I am going to know what to do. But its amazing how it just comes to you, its instinct. I'm sure you are doing an awesome job.

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Glad to hear that Thalia is doing well and that breastfeeding has gotten better. I agree with you, you know your child best. I remember when I had Brandon every one wanted to give me advice, even my sister who at the time didn't even have kids. It's funny because she has an almost 2yo now and she is totally doing everything she told me not to do with Brandon. With kids, there is no one way that works...every baby and family is different and what works for one may not work for another. You're right to just follow your own instinct.