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How is everyone holding up?

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I'm alive. Trying not to stress the little things like DH not being home very often (by his choice, not by work requirements) and him suddenly saying he wants to take me away for the day but us not having the childcare to do it (got worked out, btw).... me being sick, kids being trying...... but I digress.

Evie is rolling around and "swimming" on the floor then getting mad cause it doesn't take her anywhere. Lol

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Andrew has finally emerged out of his fussiness and it is AMAZING. I cannot believe some women get this from the beginning. It makes me realize just how hard the first couple of months were. We actually took him to listen to my husbands friend play music Saturday afternoon and people commented what a good baby he was. I'm like WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!

I think he might be a little behind on rolling/moving on the floor but I believe alot of that is because he was sooo fussy for the first 4 months we could never put him on the floor. He loves when he hold him up and let him stand--he squeals. He also loves the bumbo. It has been one of the best baby items so far!

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Other then no sleep we are doing great. The night are getting better, just slowly. B is rolling both ways and K is going from tummy to back. We are getting big laughs and stories. They love hanging toys And there is one toy that they always fight over on their playmat! We are supplementing at night for K just to get Her to sleep a little longer. And we are enjoying a very warm start to the year. A few cold days here and there but others then that it's been unseasonably warm Smile

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Vanessa is doing well. In the last 2 weeks she has had a bad cold and pink eye (thanks to preschool Lol but it hasn't been too disruptive. She has roll over tummy to back but it has only been about 10 times since Christmas so I don't know how intentional it is. Her sister started rolling late (6 months) so I'm not concerned because she is still only around months adjusted. She loves to play with her toys on her high chair and will use hanging toys (over a bouncy chair or swing) to pull her self from the semi-reclined position to upright.

She sleeps fairly consistently 9 pm- 7 am in her crib without waking but I cannot get her to sleep there in the day. To be fair, I'm not puttng the effort in either. I try it and if itdoesn't work after 30 minutes, I don't try again for several days. Since she is fantastic when she has plenty of sleep, I wear her a lot to get her to sleep.

Next week I'm taking both girls by myself to visit my mom. I keep telling myself it won't be that bad but I'm terrified it will be. 9 hours worth of flying, a 2 hour layover, having to pick up our bags/carseats to go through customs in Toronto. After a week, I'll fly to DH's parents ( 3 hours of flying, 1 layover) and meet him there. Luckily we will all come home together. I flew lots with DD1 and out of over 30 flights only 2 made me wish I could jump out of the plane. I know I'll have to take advantage of help from strangers and let DD1 watch lots of shows on our portable player. I've also bought several kids books for my nook so hopefully it is all good Smile

When we get back, I'll start Vanessa on solids. She will be 7 months but only 5 ish adjusted. I'm planning on skipping rice cereal since it did bad things to DD1's tummy and just start with oat cereal. I know I will hear non-stop from my ILs that it is a terrible thing she isn't eating solids yet.

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Doing well here, still just chugging along as usual.

Having some issues with pumping at work (where/when) but I'm making it happen, and occasionally I even add a bag to the freezer stash.

Latest milestones have been rolling and the emergence of tooth #1. Baby girl loves spitting, screeching, and watching her big sister intently.

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We're doing well here. CJ is growing so fast, I can't believe it. I always heard it would be much easier the second time around but CJ is so high-needs it makes things very challenging. He is getting better about being put down, but he's horrible at naps and he is still eating every 2 hours or so. I may drop a pump soon since I'm finding it very hard to keep up with 7 pumps a day. Two more months to go to get to my six-month goal so I'm just trying to hang in there.

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We are doing good here. Just busy with no extra time here lately. I'm ready for life to slow down a bit so I can enjoy my kids. Work has been more busy lately than I have ever seen it. I have no idea what happened about 9 months ago, but there was alot of celebrating going on.
Carter is growing fast. We are dealing with alot of spitting up again though. It seems to have slowed down but I'm not sure what started it back. He's slobbering like crazy but no teeth yet. He hates tummy time so he doesn't roll much. He's only done it a few times. He loves his swing and exersaucer. He will be 6 mo on the 12th this month. I'm going to sound like a bad mom, but he really likes watching TV. When I am getting ready in the morning, I can turn on cartoons and he acts like a good boy and lets me get dressed. He's such a mommy's boy.
Coby has done so well with him. I never imagined he would be such a good big brother. He's lost 3 teeth since the day after Christmas. So, I'm slightly in denial that my kids are growing. I just want time to slow down for a little while.
Glad everyone is doing well. It's nice to hear updates on everyone.

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"lamonsgrl" wrote:

We are dealing with alot of spitting up again though.

Us, too! I wanted to blame it on the starting solids, but we've been not giving it to her for over a week now and it's still going on. But now, she's added hiccups to it again. It very much matches the symptoms of reflux. I want it to stop already. Can teething cause reflux? No teeth yet, but def drooling and chewing and knawing and.......

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I've been meaning to post an update (and a picture) since I've mostly been lurking lately. Things are going well here. Ronan is such an amazingly good baby. He is SO much easier than his sister was at this age! He is just a much more laid back personality. DD adores him and he thinks she's pretty great. She's been a big helper and they have fun "playing" together.

Ronan is rolling both ways (although he hates rolling from his tummy to his back, so he doesn't do it that often- I think it makes him feel like he's falling). He LOVES being on his tummy. He "swims" and manages to squirm his way around the floor. I just got out the jumparoo and he's been enjoying that. He is teething like crazy right now, so we've been having some rough nights. The tooth is so close to breaking through- you can feel it right below the surface. I hope it hurries up so we can hopefully get some rest! Although he's also rolling around his crib and getting himself into awkward positions which is definitely not helping the whole sleep thing. He loves to "talk" and to snuggle. He smiles all the time and will laugh along with you whenever you laugh. He is very ticklish!

So overall we are doing really well- he is just a doll. I'm really, really ready to get some uninterrupted sleep, but he's such a good baby otherwise that I really can't complain!

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We have been good, busy... just busy. Selah is a great baby. Very laid back. She loves to have the bigs play with her... laughs at their silly games. We're still EBF... Don't think we'll intro solids until another month. She sleeps from about 9:30-5:00ish most nights. Although last week she was up at 1:30 a couple of nights, thinking growth spurt. I've been busy planning a V-Day party for a handful of the bigs' friends. It's Friday... We're going all out with fun themed drinks and decor and games and Valentines for the guests! And I'm also planning DS' 5th birthday for the end of the month. DH started back to school taking masters classes two nights a week and then studying when he is home, so I'm busy doing more things around the house and keeping the bigs busy so they don't bother him while he's studying. The bigs start tumbling next week! So excited for them to have something fun to do. We are getting along fine, just very busy. The weather has been unseasonably warm and the bigs have been riding their bikes a lot in the afternoons around the cul-de-sac! Selah is rolling a bit from tummy to back... not every day though. She has become such a squealer though... loud, loud, loud when she wants something. She loves being tickled and just held to see what everyone is up to these days. Smile

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We are doing really great. Flynn is an amazing little boy- he's been to a three day cat show back in December where he was an angel (8-10 hour days are a looong time in a show hall) and he's been on other needed trips (funeral) and been a real good kiddo. He did get pinkeye last week (maybe from the hotel we stayed at for the funeral?), but he's over that now. But wow- the farts these kids can do! Amazing! Anyways, we are doing great and I'm loving every minute of it!

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"Prudence" wrote:

But wow- the farts these kids can do! Amazing!!

Lol Brads are brutal. They enough to knock you over, and he's EBF. I thought formula feed babies were the ones that got horrible gas!