Urine test back

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Urine test back

So i talked to the Doc's office today and I did not have a UTI so I am not sure of the reason for the protein in my urine. This kind of worries me. I'm not to panicked cause they are not having me come in again till the 21st on my next appointment but why is it in there and what caused my contractions?

Of course I did research and all it says is it could be a sign of preeclampsia, but my BP has been really low. I guess I just have to drink more water and see what it is on the 21. Of course they said call immediately if the contractions start again...

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I do know there can be several reasons why there can be protein in your urine. Even things like stress and a fever your body is recovering from can cause protein to spill into your urine. Hopefully, this is just a one time deal for you.

I had pre-eclampsia with my first daughter. I started developing elevated protein (more than just a trace) in the urine and blood pressure issues around 32 weeks. I think for the most part, the high blood pressure and protein go hand in hand with pre-eclampsia.

Drinking more water is a good thing. I need to do better with that too.

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At my first prenatal appt in February, the midwife said I had protein in my urine but it is fairly normal for there to be some there in the morning.

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I had protein in my urine a couple of times in my first pg and had to do the 24hr urine collection. I didn't have pre-eclampisa though. I would think if you had PE you would have high blood pressure.

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Sometimes it can be caused by the foods we eat also. Stay hydrated!