US mums, everyone ok?

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US mums, everyone ok?

Heard on the news about the "deadliest day in US storm history"...everyone ok? Check in with us please!

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I'm fine here, just a bunch of downed powerlines and trees and flooding.

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We're fine, but it was a scary couple of days. It was REALLY bad to the south of us.

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I hope everyone else is okay. I was far from it and didn't even hear about it until after I complained about not waking up on time again on Facebook. My post seems so selfish after finding out the devastation that happened while I was sleeping.

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Alls good here..we had some nasty storms this morning, but the tornado warning were a little more south of us! we definately wont be needing rain for a while...

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Doing ok here in NC. We had a tornado watch until 2am this morning but most of the severe weather has passed. I'll admit, around 5an this morning the wind and rain really freaked me out a bit. Some friends of mine were about a mile away from one of the tornadoes in Alabama.

It was scary. As petrified as I am of earthquakes (having grown up in CA) I would rather go through an earthquake than sit and wait to see if a tornado is going to hit.

Thanks for asking!!! That was sweet of you

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I'm on the west coast so I'm far away from all the storms, but I've been thinking about those mamas that live in the affected areas and hoping they're all ok.

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I'm in Northern Illinois so far from the storms. Thinking and praying for all those down south going through this...

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So far so good in NYC. Thunder storms tonight coming in from northern NJ. Just a bunch of rain, thunder and lightning.

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We haven't gotten much rain at my home, but all the wind caused a tree to fall in my back yard. It happened at 2am and I slept right through it! The neighbor two doors down heard it crash and dh said he was talking to me about it but I slept through him too! Luckily our neighbor likes firewood so he came and chopped up the branches, all that is left is the trunk.

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it's been a rough couple of weeks almost here. including one scare that sent us to the basement last week. more storms today, but nothing severe. the really bad stuff was more south of me too. we are ok. i almost forget what sunshine is like

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Glad most everyone here seems okay! I'm in WI so north of all the bad stuff. We've had a ton of rain, and now there's some flooding issues but it's so minimal compared to what some of the southern states are dealing with.

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We are good here. Monday we had some pretty bad storms and Tuesday night was rough too. Basically stayed under tornado warnings for 2-3 days. We have beautiful weather here now.