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US today

So I was supposed to have an US yesterday, but I got my appt times confused and the tech could not squeeze me in so I had to go back today. It was just a growth scan and both girls are measuring exactly the same 5lbs 14 oz.... :eek: They are heads down still and looked great. We could see some peach fuzz on their heads too Blum 3

I also wanted to update my other post. I think I am going to pass on the amnio. I just cant do it..... I want my babies to come home with me and if my body is ready by 8/31 then great, but if not I will just have to suck it up and keep going. I might try some old wives tales etc in the next couple weeks, but I wont be doing anything else. Although, I think I will also have to live on Tylenol for these last weeks to be able to keep going...the pain is too much.

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Yay! They are great weights!!

I think you are making a great decision. Your body (and those babies) will tell you when they are ready if it's before the c/s date. I know it hurts and I hope you can find some great relief. Cookies and milk or chocolate ice cream can do wonders! Wink

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Yay for some big healthy babies!!! I can't even imagine how uncomfortable you must be, my biggest baby so far was about the same as the weights of just one of your are carrying almost 12lbs of baby! Hopefully you'll go into labor on your own and get some take home August babies Smile

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I am glad you came to a decision and the girls are doing so well!

I hope you find some relief!

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Wow those are wonderful weights and they're both weighing roughly the same, you don't see that much!

While I can, but can't imagine how uncomfy you are, glad you were able to come to a decision about what to do. Hope you can go into labour before then and not have to carry on too much longer in the extreme pain and discomfort. Hang in there, the end isn't as far as you think! :openarms:

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I think you are making a great decision for your girls! In the meantime, I hope you can find some way to ease the discomfort. I know how uncomfortable I am, I can't imagine how you're feeling! And you never know, they might decide to come on the 31st anyway!

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Sorry you are in pain. Sad I am so uncomfortable with one, having two in there I'd be going insane! lol. Anyway, I am glad the babies are doing well and weighing good. Smile

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Glad your growth scan went well and the girls are looking good. I think you are making a good decision about the amnio...give the girls a little bit longer to bake. You've been doing such a good job baking them in there, you're almost there. Hang in there.

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Sounds like the girls are a good size. That's awesome! Glad you made a decision. I know it's not what you wanted, but I think it is a great decision.

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So glad they are growing well!! While my boys are almost 11yrs old I remember their pregnancy well! Those last few weeks are trying - your doing wonderful though :bighug:

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Great weights on those girls, good job momma! Hang in there.

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