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So with everything that has happened the last few weeks I decided I need to get away. I'm going to go stay.with my mom and stepdad for a week in Missouri this next week. She said I can bring the 2 dogs so were gonna hop in the car & take off Friday. It will be relaxing I won't have to do anything. I told them all I want to do is go fishing on the boat one day.:cool: its a 12 hour drive so I know ill have to stop for rests but I think I can do the drive.

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I think it will be good to get away for a bit and relax and release all that stress and tension. I hope you enjoy yourself but make sure you make lots of stops and walk around for a bit to keep your circulation up.

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Sounds like a great relaxing week.. I agree I think you can do the drive as well, stop often, keep drinks and snacks handy. Enjoy!

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Hope you have a great time! Be careful on the drive!

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I hope that a little R&R is just what you need! Try and make the best of it and let them spoil you! Biggrin

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that sounds nice! have fun!

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Good for you - you deserve a break!!

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That sounds relaxing...I hope it raises your spirits Smile

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I'm glad you are able to find the time to get away. I'm sure it's just what you need. :bigarmhug:

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U deserve it !!!!! relax and enjoy yourself!!!!! Drive safe and have a excellent trip Smile

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that sounds like a great idea! have a safe trip and try to plot out areas to stop along the way Smile

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sounds like what you need! be sure and enjoy yourself

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I hope you get some much needed rest!

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good for you! enjoy!