Vanessa's birth story

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Vanessa's birth story

All day Wednesday my back was hurting a little. I thought it was from sitting on my butt too much and I was reading my e-books on the laptop because my e-reader charger never made it to the hospital. I thought maybe that made me sit wierd and also I hadn't pooped since Monday. Nothing too bad.

Around 11 I decided to go to try to go to sleep and I couldn't get comfortable. I got up to pee a whole bunch and tossed and turned a lot. By 2:30 am I thought it was getting worse but there were no contractions, it just hurt. I buzzed the nurse to see if it was back labour or just a pain in my back. She got me some Tylenol and paged the dr to see if they should monitor me. By now i do feel like I'm getting contractions. It either hurts a lot or hurts so much that I want to jump out of my skin. Evenutally she comes back and sets me up on the monitor. After 20 minutes of monitoring, there are no contractions showing up on the monitor but she decides I seem like I am having them so she pages the Dr again. By the time the doctor gets there, the monitor picks up little random contractions. To me it feels like every 2 minutes lasting for 90s. The doctor decides to check me because despite the monitor, I am obviously having problems. At 3:25 am I am 4 cm and I phone my DH. They call for a stretcher to wheel me down to L&D. By the time that gets there, the contractions are making me very sick and I can't see how I can go much more. I couldn't even put on my slippers when getting onto the stretcher. I get into the L&D room and I am hot and hurt. I also need to pee so I go to the bathroom, pee and have a small poop. I had a lot of trouble moving to get off the toilet but at some point I realized that i had to or I was in danger of having the baby on the toilet.

I stumble out of the bathroom and say I can't do this anymore and need the epidural. The nurse says she will call once she can get the monitor placed. Unlike every other time, she cannot find the heart beat. At this point, there is a little voice in my head that is concerned but the voice that is shouting at this time just says make it stop hurting. She looks for over 5 minutes. Around 4am I manage to ask, how do I know if I need to push. She asks if I think I need to and i say I think so. She finds the heartbeat very very very low and pulls back my panties to start the check and she doesn't even touch me, she just says that the baby is crowning and to not push. Another nurse comes in immediately and the OB is shortly after and the team from the NCIU. DH walked in the room and got to the side of the bed and I pushed with the next contraction.

After 1 push, Vanessa Christine was born at 4:06 am at 4lbs 11oz. After I delivered the placenta, they said I had a placenta abruption which was the cause of the back pain.

Thank God that my mom was here because if DH had to do anything with DD1 like drop her off at the neighbours, he would have missed the delivery.

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OMG! Congratulations!! I hope you and little Vanessa are doing well. Can't wait to see pics!

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Wow! Congratulations! So glad you are both okay! Welcome to the world Vanessa!

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Congratulations!!! Oh my what a story. I'm glad you were already at the hospital. Hope little Vanessa is doing ok.

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Awww, congratulations!!! I hope you and Vanessa are doing good.

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Welcome to the World Vanessa!!! Can't wait to see pictures Smile

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Congratulations!! She's a great size, hope all is well!!

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Happy Birthday Vanessa!!

What a story, so glad you were at the hospital. Hope that both you and her are doing well. Look forward to pics when you get around to it. 4lbs 11ozs is a nice weight for her as well! Congrats!!

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Wow! So glad both of you are okay. Can't wait to see pics of you guys! Welcome to the world Vanessa!

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Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world and Happy birthday Vanessa!!!!

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WTTW, Vanessa! Happy Birthday, we're looking forward to meeting your little face in pictures when mommy is rested enough to share. Smile

Congrats on the arrival of your baby girl. I hope they treat you and her well at the hospital. KUP as you feel able to. :bigarmhug:

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WTTW little Vanessa. Glad everything went relatively well. Hope she is still doing well. Can't wait to see a pic or two! Wink

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Oh congrats Momma! I cant wait to see pics of Vanessa!

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Congrat on the arrivial of your little girl and Happy Birthday Vanessa Yahoo

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Congrats I'm so glad you both are doing well & that you were in the hospital. Can't wait for pics!

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Welcome Vanessa! What a story! I can't wait for pictures! Good job Mama!

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Congratulations!!! What a story. I'm so glad you were already at the hospital. Welcome to the world Vanessa!

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Congrats on your little Vanessa! Thank God she decided a placental abruption would be a good reason to come out. I hope you are both doing well and that you are resting well!

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Congratulation! Happy birthday vanessa!

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Congrats!!! and welcome to the world baby Vanessa! What a fast birth, she's a good size too Smile When you feel up to it we'd love to hear how she's doing (and you too!) and see pictures!

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What a morning you've had! Happy birthday, Miss Vanessa!

How is she doing? Do they expect much of a NICU stay?

Can't wait to see pics. Congrats, momma!

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oh wow!!! Congrats!!! Welcome to the world baby Vanessa!! I am glad you both are ok! Smile

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great story!!!!(except the pain of course!) welcome vanessa, glad you two are well.

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Congrates!!! :bigarmhug:
Welcome to the world Vanessa!!
Hope the both of you are doing well!!!
I am soo excited to see pictures!!!