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I was going to my chiro appoint this afternoon. MUCH needed. I am driving and I am in the left turn lane, waiting for my light to turn. Guy comes out of the gas station into the CLOSED CONSTRUCTION LANE next to me(I didn't see him because what need do i have to look in that closed lane?) Light turns green, I make my turn, he speeds up turns in front of me.

I honk, because, he's in the wrong. He flips ME off, then as we stop at the next intersection he pulls up next to me, and says "What? What?" Really? Really? you have to ask? I just said "you know, whatever, go." Does he think I am THAT stupid to think he had the right of way? people are on my last nerve lately and I have no patience for stupidity.

Yesterday it was my family, today this guy. I'm just tired of people taking for a complete idiot. My hormones are through the roof and I don't have time for people treating me like I'm a moron.


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What a jerk! That would have set me off. I was fussing at DH today for going over bumps too hard. We are very hormonal now!!!

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That guy sounds like a total Dumb$$$!!!
Im sorry ppl are treating you like that, hormones sure dont help when u already feel like that.
Hope you have a better afternoon!!

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Omg, I woulda killed that guy I think! I really wonder where some people get their drivers license from, or who the morons are that actually say they're good enough TO drive. I agree, hormones are boiling over big time now that we're all at the end.

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some ppl need to learn to share the road. some ppl are such idoits.

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omg I know!! I hate crappy drivers!! A few weeks ago DH and I and the boys were driving to dinner and we were sitting at a red light (i was driving) Raiden said "Mommy.." and so I looked back, over my shoulder, to see what he wanted, I only looked for a SPLIT second, literally. and I guess in that ONE second, the stupid light turned green, and the guy behind me BLARES his horn at me, it startled the crap out of me! I jumped and I got all tense, I mean the way he layed on that horn it sounded like there was going to be an accident or something! It startled me so bad I was shaking and SO PISSED. I told DH "REALLY?? I can't look at my son for ONE SECOND before this douche honks at me!! I could have gone in to labor!!!" and so we ended up getting beside him, and DH threw a full bottle of water at his car, it hit his tire with a THUNK! LOL we drove off and I was happy that he launched that water bottle at that douchebag! lol maybe HE got startled this time!!

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im sorry girl! not a day goes by that on my way home some freaking idiot pisses me off on the interstate! i literally tell DH to pull up next to the cars so i can scream at them! LOL and most of the time, it is some idiot that is talking on the cell phone. not to mention the truck drivers that LOVE to cut us off with all of a foot between us and we have SLAM the breaks to avoid hitting them. ROAD RAGE!! unfortunately, this darn trucks dont have the number to call and complain to anymore :violent2: oh and the ppl that love to ride our tail. they back off when i turn around and stare at them the entire time HAHA i do love these hormones, sometimes :rolleyes:

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Now it's my youth at workcamp. a parent gets a message from her kid :Dad call me it;s urgent" I get the call from mom who is almost panicked. I hadnt heard that anything was going on from my adults, so i start making calls. No one knew of anything but the youth called her mom. NOW i am getting a story that someone went into the girls room and prank called her mom....ok dad got the message, but now they are doing all sorts of back tracking on the story. When they "realized" it they apparently hadnt told the adults that someone was in the room??? What????'s just not adding up here. What I want to know is this. Did she call her mom and dad over something stupid and say it was urgent and now they are back tracking because they are afraid I will get mad? HELL no i wont get and, I just want to know that she's ok and to remind her hey don't scare the crap out of your parents But I keep getting just back tracking type messages room one of my young adults and I don't like it. Or maybe I am over reacting?

I's "treat Katie like an idiot' week?