Vent: Doctors office/Insurance

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Vent: Doctors office/Insurance

I'm on state insurance for this pregnancy for the simple fact that it is waaaaay cheaper for us to be on it vs. an individual insurance plan (wouldn't cover maternity anyway).

The midwifes office I am using is wonderful but busy. It took a couple weeks for them to get me in to get the paper I needed to provide to the state plan in order to get covered. Then it took another few weeks to be able to get an appointment to get Presumptive Eligability for the state plan so I can actually be seen. I got my paperwork yesterday so I called my office to make my first prenatal appointment. They can't get me in until April 11th, I'll be 17 weeks then!! So I made the appointment and started calling around to other offices in my area that are supposed to accept the state insurance. Every place I called I got directly off the website for the insurance, but apparently NONE of them accept it. Not only did they seem annoyed I called but they treated me like a moron on the phone for thinking they took my ****ty insurance! All I was trying to do was get an appointment a little sooner.

Now, I'm just so thankful for my midwifes office because they have been AMAZINGLY nice to me and very helpful with the insurance. Even though I wont have my first appointment for 2 weeks. It will be worth it to be seen in an office that actually cares about it's patients, even potential ones!!

After the last phone call I made, the lady was so rude on the phone I just burst out crying and hung up. My hormones are just raging right now and who treats people like that? Especially someone who's pregnant?! Uhhggg..I'm just so mad about it but at the same time glad I found my midwifes office first. I don't know what I'd do if I had to go to some office full of rude people who treat me like I am stupid.

Sorry this is so long but i'm just sitting here crying because I had my heart set on being able to at least finally hear a heartbeat soon. Now I have another 2 weeks to wait Sad

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Sorry that you had to deal with mean people today! Just think in 2 weeks you should also be able to schedule the gender scan too! So that should be something to look foward too!

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It is really hard to see my midwife within two weeks as well. The good news about it is they seem to know how to schedule the appt's, b/c I never wait long and my midwife was with me for an hour that first visit.

I hate calling doctor offices. Most of the receptionists are so high and mighty and act like your call isn't part of their job.

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So sorry you have to wait so long, but glad you are scheduled for prenatal, will be great to hear the hb!

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Thanks ladies, I am excited to finally have a real appointment. I think today is just really getting to me because DH has been home the last 2 weeks and he leaves today. We realized last night that there is pretty much no way for him to be home for our big gender u/s. It will be the first time he's missed one Sad I'm just feeling overly emotional in general and it sucks.

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I am on state as well and got very similar responces from people I called. hugs!

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I'm so sorry for all the frustration! I hate it when people are rude like that. There's just no reason for it. It's just as easy to let people know that they don't accept the insurance in a nice way as it is to do it obnoxiously. I'm sorry you had to deal with that today!

It stinks that you have to wait so long for your first appointment, but at least it sounds like you have a wonderful care provider! And you'll get to schedule your ultrasound at that first appointment!