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just noticed in myticker that LO is viable outside the womb! yahooo!! what a great mile stone. now i know even at 23 weeks chances isn't very good, but it is there!!!! we are on our way girls!

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YEY! Congrats, how exciting!!!

Can't wait to get there myself Wink

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Woohoo!!! :woohoo:

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yay! Smile

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Viability week is SO exciting Biggrin Congratulations!

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That is great, but we want all these babies to bake ALOT longer!!!!!

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Woo-Hoo! I remember making it to that milestone with my daughters. First it was getting out of the 1st trimester, then it was the viability point in the pregnancy...

Only 14 more weeks until a term pregnancy for you!!

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Yay! I'm 24 wks today so I celebrated with some Mexican food after work.

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How funny! i just told someone yesterday that I was counting the days to 23 weeks Smile

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I told my DH this morning that as of monday I am 24 weeks and the baby is viable he was adorable he was so excited!