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visit to OB

So I was having heart palipatations for two days. Not bad but I called the office before the weekend just to be safe. They took me off the procardia a few days early. It looks like Jayden has already dropped. She had to go really low, right above pubic area to get the heartbeat. it explains all the pressure & uncomfortable feeling I've been getting the last few days. I haven't even been able to bend over without it really hurting & having a burning feeling. So well see how long till he's here. Doc isn't worried about the palipatations said at this point I can get them as long as they don't get worse. They took blood & ran an ekg just in case.

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Cheryl, I can relate to that low pain. I have been experiencing low pelvic pain the last couple days.

I hope you are feeling better tonight Sad

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Sorry you're so uncomfortable! DD was really low at the end of my pregnancy with her. She was at -1 station for about 4 weeks before she was born, and it just felt awful!!!

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Hope the palps clear up. Try to rest and cook that baby a little bit more. I feel like Carter is low but OB said he is still pretty high. I never dropped with Coby.

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This little guy is super low already so I can relate to that uncomfortable feeling. Palpitations are common in pg so hopefully it's nothing to worry about.

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I hope you are feeling better this evening.

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I agree, palpitations are pretty common in pregnancy, generally nothing to worry about - although they are super uncomfortable!
If you're that low already, sounds like you'll be meeting your little boy soon...

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Hang in there Mama! I know its no fun atm, but all these pregnancy woes will just be memories in a few short weeks. (At least that's what I'm telling myself. Wink )

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sorry about the uncomfortableness...I am right there with ya.

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Hope you feel better soon, Sorry your so uncomfortable!!!