Wait til you hear what they did..

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Wait til you hear what they did..

So, i get home from work, and my daughter is all sorts of upset, near tears and all. this is not like her at all, after some prying i find out that the school took it upon themselves to give her a piss test to make sure that she wasnt stoned. Why do you ask? because her eyes were bloodshot. Well, YEAH, SHE WAS UP LATE STUDYING FOR EXAMS!! :violent2: they have a policy that random drug testing will happen for studens in sports, who have a parking pass to drive to school and to go to prom/formal dances. and even then, the parents will know before the test is given. I did not receive a call from them, and trust me, they have ALL of my contact information! Email, phone number, work numbers, cell phone, DH's info too. In 46 minutes im calling that school and ripping them up. To quote the movie "Facebook".....Lawyer up *sshole! She has beent hrough hell in that school for the last 9 years, and now this momma is PISSED! Had to vent, thank for reading! Smile

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I would be Mad too, to say the least. I can't believe they would do that. How did the phone call go?

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I saw your status update on Facebook last night. There's no way they should have given that test without parental consent. I would love to know what their rationale is...

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So one of my "what I wanna be when I grow up" was a teacher. I still think I'd be good at it, but I know better than that now. I'd be good at it on a small scale. I don't think I could handle the 20 kids to a classroom or the work it takes to create lesson plans and correct homework and tests and all... That being said. I think we are pulling my 7 year old and doing Charter/home school starting in the fall. This particular charter school has it in the rules that you don't have to be a parent or legal guardian of the child to be their "learning coach" since they have a state certified teacher that they have contact with and access to, but someone needs to be the school enforcer and make sure the work is getting done. So I was thinking of offering my services as a coach to a friend and essentially home school her daughter along side my son (they are best friends).

If I lived in your area and the charter school was available there, I'd TOTALLY offer to be your child's learning coach so she didn't have to go to the crap-tastic school she goes to. I mean, I was WALLED when I read on your FB post that a child came home with bruises on her neck from another student choking her and that they aren't going to do anything about it. I'd be yanking my kid out of there before they could even take a breath. I don't care if I had to bring her to work with me! :angry5:

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Yeah, brianna has been through hell in that school too. shes been punches,pushed down steps, lugies spit in her eyes, grabbed by the throat and thrown against a wall, etc, all while still in elementary school. she's in 9th grade and this principal is much better....

UPDATE! i called the school with intentions of ripping them up, thankfully i kept my cool and had a rational conversation. the principal insisted there was no drug testing that day. he promised to look into it and call me back. he called back a few hours later, put brianna on the phone and she admitted that she made the whole story up. i told her i expected an explanation when i got home (not, "i dont know" like i normally get, i HATE that answer), i aplogized profusely to the principal, and made it through the rest of my day without blowing my top. he reasoning, she wanted to get my attention. UGH. so she is being punished for her actions, but now i feel much worse about working. being gone is taking its toll, and i HATE this. for the record, i pointed out that when we do have time together, she chooses to play with the baby instead of hang with MOM. LOL silly kid. i hope the full moon has finished beating up on me.

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Goodness! Well, I would have be pissed as well. I really would have been pissed when I found out it was a lie. But, I'm glad you kept your cool. Hopefully, you can spend some 1 on 1 time with her soon.

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Glad u were able to keep your cool. Hope u get a chance to have one on one with her soon.