Waiting is the worst part!

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Waiting is the worst part!

Good thoughts, please!!!

Our lease is ending at the end of August and we CANNOT continue living below the wicked witch of the north (as I call her). She stomps and bangs at the slightest noise so I cannot imagine what she would be like once the baby arrives. She has threatened to call the cops numerous times and i am not up to dealing with sleep deprivation and her tantrums at the same time.

We have applied for a home loan and now we are just waiting to hear if we got the final approval. We don't mind renting a house but i really like the idea of having something of our own. The mortgage guy said he would call sometime today so I am tapping my foot with impatience waiting for the phone to ring.

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Sending good home loan vibes your way.

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Hoping you get the loan! KUP!

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Good luck!!! Buying a home is lots of waiting and hoping... I hope it works out for you and you can get away from your crazy neighbor!

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How exciting! Good luck! KUP!

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Hoping you get good news today!

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Good luck! If you have good credit, it is a great time to buy. A lot of ppl put their houses up for sale this spring hoping for a turn around that never happened.

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I hope your loan goes through.

When I was pg we moved into this luxury apt. community (it was one of the few with washer/dryer in unit) in West LA and it was full of college kids who shoved like eight of themselves into an apt. so they could afford it. It was so awful. They would set off the fire alarm in the building off in the middle of the night, and the alarms were super loud and could only be turned off by the fire dept. They used to have parties all weekend long and there would always be fights breaking out in the courtyard from the drunk partygoers. It was awful, especially when Brandon was born. I hope you are able to get out of there before the baby comes.

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Good luck! Hope it works out for you guys!!!!

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Good luck!! Any news??

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Good luck :). Have u heard anything yet?

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Hope you got it!! House hunting is so exciting Biggrin

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We got it!! We already have some listings for a realtor and we start looking at places in a few days.

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Congrats.. Good Luck with house hunting.

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Yay!! Congratulations!!!!