walked into the counter!

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walked into the counter!

This belly is way too big!!!!! I walked into the kitchen counter because I underestimated how close I was to it. I have a nice scrape across my belly and a little red bruise. He is pretty safe and snug in there, right?

I felt so bad!!!!!

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That happens to me all the time! About a month ago, I was reaching back behind the dresser, underestimated the distance, scrapped my belly against it, and ripped open my belly button ring hole on the corner of the dresser. Ouch!

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Ouch! I bonk dd in the head every once in a while but we laugh about it.

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He's pretty safe in there. I keep turing around and hitting everyone with my belly, its so big!

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hahaha! Ok, good to know I am not alone. Wink

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Oh I'm sure you're fine. I bump my belly on things all the time, especially at my night on the way to the bathroom. There is this cabinet above the stove and I've accidently hit my belly on the edges of the hot pans on the stove several times.

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I do this all the time... on the counter... furniture... door frame... you name it! I'm a klutz when I'm not pregnant- add the belly and I'm a disaster!

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:biglaugh: I've done this quite a bit, too! I keep underestimating how big it actually is.

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I do it all the time too! And I keep forgeting about it when i bend over something like the crib rail and put too much pressure on it...ouch :eek:

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That must hav been some bump! Every time I bump, I feel guilty regardless of how well protected they are!

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OUCH! I bump into things every now and then too, especially when shopping with a shopping cart... I underestimate how much room I need to turn corners and such. Wink