Water broke

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Water broke

Amazing how things can change in a really short time.

Last night (8pm) I started having significant discharge. I got really weird look on my face because DH asked what's wrong. When I told him, he asked if my water broke and I said I didn't know. He asked, what do you mean? I said I'd look into it because I did not want to go to L&D because I'd peed myself or just had a lot of discharge. My baby books said to go in if was a gush or constant. So I said I'd wait and see if it was constant. After 10 more minutes, I phoned the dr's office and see what they said. Because it felt like intermitant small gushes but very frequent by this point it had been 20 minutes). Dr said to come in. So we start doing a rush pack even though i am in complete denial and think I will come home. DH is watching me and says "WTH, DD isn't coming with us. Ask the neighbours to take her." I said no because I was in denial but as we were putting our shoes on I said yes and we dropped her off at the neighbours at 9pm. She did great with them and went to sleep and slept until 7:30 when their son woke her up.

Having never been to the hospital (tour in 2 weeks #laugh# ) we were relying on our GPS and could not get a signal. We start driving in the approximate direction and eventually have to pull over until we get one. After finding a place to park we start walking to fine the main enterance. My shorts are soaked so by this point I am 99% sure my water has broken but have no idea what that means. We get checked in and luckily they get up in a room within abour 3 minutes of filling out the paperwork. I kind of felt bad because the L&D waiting room had 3 other pregnant ladies in there before me but I got taken first. On the other hand, maybe they didn't want my wet butt on their seats.

An internal confirms my water has broken and my cervix is closed tight and long. I have no idea how I made it through natural childbirth because internal exams make me cry and that one had me sobbing Sad

U/S showed moderate levels of fluid but they don't expect it to be replenished at the rate I'm losing it. Baby girl is over 5.5 lbs (77%) but I don't really trust that because DD was almost 9 lbs on U/S 2 days before birth (6lbs15oz).

So now I'm stuck in the hospital on bedrest until I go into labour. I know things will be fine if I do deliver now but I'm hoping to make it to 35 weeks because then there should only be a minimal if any NCIU stay. I'm not having contractions and my cervix is closed so I'm hopeful I can do it unless there is an infection/fetal distress/fluid levels get too low. My mom was planning on visiting starting on Thursday but she moved her ticket up to come Monday morning to help with DD and so DH can still go to work until I am in labour. Doctors say they will be surprised if I go more than 2 weeks.

My bag had some things in it but nothing I really needed other than toiletries (but no shampoo). The nursing tops aren't doing me any good :rolleyes: i think i'll be living in the gown and mesh panties until the end because most times I get up to pee, I get a huge gush of fluid that soaks everything. I feel so glamourous Smile

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We have some really impatient babies on this board. Hope you can get a couple more wks of baking the LO. It's very good that you are still closed. KUP!

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Goodness hunny... thats scary! Take care of yourself & lo!

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Wowie! :goodluck: hope you make it to 35!! :bigarmhug:

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Goodness! I hope everything works out and that baby keeps baking. Sorry you have to go through this. Will keep you in my prayers.

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omgoodness! That's exciting! I hope everything is okay and KUP!!

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I hope you make it to 35 weeks.....keep baking that LO

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you are in my thoughts,,, praying you can keep LO baking a lil longer!!

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Oh wow the LO must be kicking their way out to break the bag this early. Hang in there even if u can make it another week it will be good. Did they give u the steroid shots to develop the lungs?

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Aw Dani! What a night you've had! I'm excited to meet baby girl, but tell her not yet! Hang in there, momma!

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Wow impatient is right, these babies need to settle down in there!! Hope you're able to keep her in there at least one more week... every week longer is better for her. Keep us updated best you can and good luck!

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I'm blaming my dr for saying at my appointment last Tuesday that my pregnancy was extremely routine Biggrin

I feel better knowing that other than my water breaking, I have no signs of labour -- no contractions, fluid is still clear and cervix is closed. The baby has moved from transverse at my appointment to head down so when I do deliver i can feel better about that.

The hospital staff has been fantastic. They also sent in NCIU doctors to talk to me about what to expect if I deliver this week, next week or the week after.

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oh my! why can't these babies just stay put! that would be scary. hope things calm down for you

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Wow! I was hoping the next baby we'd have would be full term, I hope they can keep her in safely for another 2 weeks. Have they given you steroid shots?

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Yup. I had my first shot last night and will get my second one tonight. I'm also being pumped full of antibiotics.

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It's funny in a small sort of way. Last year on my June board, both me and another lady were having issues... me with the contractions etc, and her with similar and other things. The whole board was putting bets on which one of us would be the first to go, seemed it was imminent we were both going to go early. Wel, I had Hailey and 4 days later, out came her little girl. We've had some impatient ones give scares/worries/reasons to be checked etc, and I was wondering if we'd be doing the same. Looks like you're gonna prevent that lol. sounds like you have a good group of Dr's/nurses around and I think that's great that they had the NICU crew come in and tell you what to expect should you deliver between now and 35 weeks. While scary I'm sure that must have helped ease your mind even a tiny bit. I'd rather go into labour knowing what to expect as opposed to, ok, I'm in labour, having a baby, what's gonna go on, and be totally freaked out lol.

Do you have a name picked out for her? We still haven't had a name picked yet for baby girl, however I'm feeling like we need to do it ASAP, because I don't want to be in a position of having her, and not even having a name to call her!

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Oh dear! Thanks for keeping us posted - we're all rooting for you to make it those last 2 weeks to term!!

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wow....i go out of town for a few days and things get all crazy Wink Glad to hear that you aren't in active labor and hopefully your LO will hang in until 35 weeks. KUP

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Jeez louise these Sept babies don't like baking do they? At least you're still closed and not contracting! Hope she stays in there a while longer!

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I agree with everyone else, I hope they can keep you preggo for another couple weeks!

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Wow! What a crazy night! So glad that you're okay and that so far the little one is still baking. Keeping my fingers crossed that she stays put for at least a couple more weeks!

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Keeping my fingers crossed that your LO keeps baking. My water broke at 34 weeks and they told me that I would be in the hospital for 2 weeks before being induced. DS was so impatient though and I went into labor that night. He was a healthy 34 weeker though! Sometimes these babies just can't wait to meet mommy! Smile So happy that your LO is deciding to stay in just a little longer.

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Oh my! Keep that baby baking a bit longer... Hang in there. I'm glad you are being closely monitored.

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Slight change of plan. They are concerned about the amount of fluid I'm still losing and on U/S it doesn't look like it is replenishing enough to keep up. They are going to keep monitoring but if things keep going how they are, they are inducing Saturday (34 weeks).

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"Danifo" wrote:

Slight change of plan. They are concerned about the amount of fluid I'm still losing and on U/S it doesn't look like it is replenishing enough to keep up. They are going to keep monitoring but if things keep going how they are, they are inducing Saturday (34 weeks).

Oh wow!!! In just 4 days you may be holding your baby girl! Hang in there and hopefully things change so she can stay in just a bit longer! Sending big hugs your way! :openarms:

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Hang in there mama!

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you stop losing so much fluid and can keep her in a bit longer! Keep us posted!

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Hang in there doll and take it easy! Update us when you can!

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I must have missed this somehow. How scary, hopefully baby will be able to bake a few more weeks. Keep us posted if/when you can. Hang in there.

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Keep us posted! I hope baby girl does great whenever she ends up coming. Hopefully they can hold you out a bit longer but even if she comes Saturday I'm sure she'll do wonderfully (my girls came at 34 and 35 weeks), the nurses in the NICU always said how well girls did in comparison to boys

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WOW!! I missed this post, too. I have heard the same thing regarding girls vs boys in the NICU. Praying that little one can stay put for a bit longer!

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Keep that baby in there...sending baby baking thoughts your way