We gave in and opened the envelope!!!!!!

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We gave in and opened the envelope!!!!!!

Its a..

I totally knew it! I am so excited. I was so hoping to have a boy and a girl and since DH was adimit that we would have 2 kids with absolutley no chance of any more I felt this impending doom. Of course that's totally silly.....but pregnancy hormones are making me wacky! So far only my mom and brother and super close girl friends know so please don't mention on Facebook!!!!!!!

The baby looked great and is growing will. She weighed in at 11oz! What a big girl LOL, roughly! I'll post pics tomorrow when i figure out my scanner!

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Congratulations!! I definetely would have opened the envelope as soon as we got in the car after the sonogram haha

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Congrats! I would have opened the envelope way sooner than you guys did.

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Yahoo Congrats on your baby girl!! I have no patience, if they gave me an envelope it'd probably have been opened in the elevator on the way out Lol

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Congrats! I'm glad you're getting one of each like you hoped for!

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Yay for a girl!

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How exciting congrats!

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Congrats on your baby girl!!!! How exciting that you will now have 1 of each Biggrin

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Very exciting!!! Congrats on your baby girl.

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How exciting! Congrats on the baby sister for Wyatt!

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Congrates on ur girl :). U have more will power than me I don't think I coulda made it out the door be4 opening that envelop he he i

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Congrats on a girl! You had more willpower than I would have had lol. As soon as I saw the title my first thought was "it's a girl!!!" and I was right!

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Yeah how exciting I'm so happy for you

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Yay for a little girl! I love having one of each... of course, now we have a tie breaker thrown in. Wink

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How very exciting...Congrats on a baby girl!!!

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Congrats on a girl!! Smile