we picked a first name :)

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we picked a first name :)

"Kesler" is his first name :). Yes mama and daddy were going thru hockey withdrawls when we picked the name lol Wink but its such a cute name and curtis and I both luv it so offically its baby kesler now to pick a middle name lol. Just thought I'd share with u ladies Smile

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I like it!!!

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I like that a lot

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I like it too Smile I am jealous of all the named babies Lol I feel like we'll never find something we agree on

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Congrats! I love hearing when a couple is completely decided!!!

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Yay for a name! So exciting when you get it picked out :-).

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awesome!! Smile

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We disagreed on every name ok well every name I suggested he shut down lol, then one night I asked him jokingly and he loved the name and I thought it was cute but figured he would shut it down so we stuck with it and luv it Smile

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Yay! Hubby and I are still in the "what names do we like so we can narrow it down" stage. However, hubby already has a first and middle name combo picked out, just I'm not sure if I like it or not lol.

On another note, for some reason when I read that, Kesler James popped into my head. Not sure why but it sounds kinda neat LOL. Now if only names could just pop into my head for my own baby girl, she might get a name sometime soon Lol

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oohh I really like it!

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Cute! I bet it feels great to have that checked off the 'to-do' list!!

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Congrats on picking a name! So nice to have that done. Now on to the middle name!

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it's different! which i loooove!

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We have friends who have a 3 year old named Kessler (this is their spelling). I think it is a great choice!

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Very cute!

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I like it! Yay for picking out a name!!!!!

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Love it! I told DH last night during the hockey game and he wants to know if you live in BC!!

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Hehe yes we do. We live on vancouver island. And my SO and DS are diehard canucks fans lol I love the name cause its diffrent but still cute. My DS wanted to name the baby burrows after his favourite player lol.