We're home!

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We're home!

Finally home with our new little guy! Biggrin I'd like to introduce you to Isaiah David

I have a lot more to write but he's awake Smile The birth ended up being pretty fast when it came down to it but I'm very happy with how everything went. Breastfeeding is going okay, he's got a shallow latch and I'm in a bit of pain but he's getting what he needs and I'm gritting my teeth and hopefully getting through it. The LC thinks it's due to his birth and could correct itself once he has time to heal but I'm trying different positioning too.

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Welcome home, I love his name and he is such a cutie! I hope bf'ing gets better soon so you aren't hurting from it.

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Oh! Hello little one! So darling, and love the name!

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Congrats and welcome home, I love his name. Hope bfing works better for you. Can't wait to hear full birth story.

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What a cutie!!!!! Congratulations!

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Congrats and welcome home! I hope the BFing gets better for you!

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Glad you are home. He is precious! Hope bf'ing starts to get better!

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He is too adorable!!!

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Glad you are home! I hope the bfing gets easier for you. He's a cutie!!! Smile

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What a doll baby! He's a handsome little one! Smile Glad you are home... hoping the BF'ing becomes easier.

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Welcome home, he's adorable!!!

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Congratulations Mandi Smile
He is so cute - hoping he will latch on better for you!!!

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He is so precious!! I LOVE his name. Congrats. Smile

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What a cutie!!!!

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Congrats! He is beautiful!