What can I take?

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What can I take?

So, somehow, in the middle of August and 100 degree weather I've caught a nasty cold. Actually I know how...the nurse who saw me on Monday is sick and we stayed home Tuesday and I woke up sick Wednesday so it has to be her.

Anyway, I went to my appt hoping the doctor would tell me what I could safely take. Well Thursdays are with the "other" doctor since my doctor is on call. He basically told me to gargle with warm water, take some tylenol, and wait it out. I have a nasty cough and a sore throat and I'm absolutely miserable. The tylenol and warm water did nothing for me. I could call back and try to talk to my doctor's nurse but I thought I would ask you first.

Oh and I learned that if there are no doctors in the office the nurses can not see you, even to do simple labwork or hook you up to the machines. Yesterday all three doctors were out on deliveries so I had to wait over an hour...I kept thinking why don't they just hook me up to the machines, they don't need the doctor for that. I guess it's a policy, they can't see any patients if there are no doctors on the premise. You learn something new every day, lol.

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I would take emergen-c, warm herbal tea with honey (Celestial Seasonings makes echinacea tea), and b-complex pills and wait it out.

hope you feel better soon!

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Plain Sudafed, you have to sign for it.
Plain Robitussin too.

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"bamsmom" wrote:

Plain Sudafed, you have to sign for it.
Plain Robitussin too.

Yep, this. I didn't know Sudafed was on the OK list. Until I was sick earlier this summer. Sorry you aren't feeling well