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what a day

so it not even 1pm here today, it is absolutely gordeous outside. all i want to do is be outside basking in the sun and reading a book. but nooooo, im stuck at work, no windows to look out of even. I just wanna go home. if i didnt have to worry about maternity time, i would pretend im :sick:

On the other hand, today is my 14 year old daugthers 4th birthday. that is, its been 4 years since the judge made me her mommy :D. lucky girl, SHE gets 2 birthdays every year! Kendra will someday be very jealous of this fact lol.

on the down side, my pubic bones are KILLING me the last 2 days! i stood up from my desk this morning and almost fell thanks to a major pain then shot back under my pubic area TMI OMG it made my girly parts hurts so bad Sad i just had lunch with DH and i told him that by the time i hit full term i am going to be in a wheel chair! he told me he would push me around :rolleyes:

on the up side, last nite i felt LO's arms and legs beating on me at the same time, and today i got a really hard thud up again my belly button! i know i keep posting this kind of updates, but as a FTM, it is amazing to me how fast the baby grows and what a difference a day makes when it comes to baby movements! just a few days ago, i was only really feeling kicks to my cervix

sorry so long, just wanted to whine a bit, and give some good news while i was at it.

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Sorry you are at work, if it makes you feel better our forcast is rain 6 of the next 7 days...and the only day without rain is next Monday so that could easily change to 7 days Lol
Happy 'Birthday' to you and your daughter! I think it's great you celebrate that day Smile
Sorry about the pain, mention it to your dr next time you go in. Depending on the cause I think they can give you exercises that can help with the pain. Ifyoucan see a physical therapist that would probably really help, I had a lot of hip problems before I had kids and saw a PT for it, and surprisingly it didn't come back even after 3.5 pregnancies so far.
And being on baby #4 I'm still amazed by the fact that there is a little person growing in there. My little guy's kicks are getting harder and this week I've really been seeing them from the outside and I can't help but smile each time, I know towards the end it'll be more uncomfortable but I can't say it's ever gotten 'old' for me.

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Sorry you are stuck at work. I'm home and just don't want to go outside.

It's so amazing at how quickly the LO grows. If we consider the kicks hard now, imagine how they are going o be in 4 months. Lol!

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Sorry you're stuck at work. It's a really nice day here as well. Happy birthday to your daughter!!!

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Happy birthday to your daughter...I felt the same way today, it was beautiful out and I was stuck in my classroom with no windows. I'm having the hip pain on and off as well. It is amazing how they grow...my little guy decide he would readjust in the last 2 days, I'm carrying really high now and feeling kicks above my belly button..the good news, he's left my bladder alone for a few days...lol

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it has been around 75 degrees here all week....around 4:15 i got really angry for no reason, so i used that as an excuse to go outside and just SIT! it was nice to get away from the phone and my computer for a few minutes. after work we went and got a bite to eat and took DD for her birthday icecream cone. We got ice cream after the hearing so we contintue to do that every year. it was nice to sit outside of the ice cream place and eat a cone. atleast i got a little bit of the outdoors in :rolleyes: supposed to be nice today and tomorrow, and then yucky for the next 7-8 days after that, which doesnt matter DH will be in military school for 2 weeks and i will be muddin dry wall for the next week any way (yes im taking proper precautions and im being careful)...

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I love how you celebrate such a special date!