What a day! Ended with evening in L&D. (sorry, long)

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What a day! Ended with evening in L&D. (sorry, long)

Well, this has been one heck of a day. It started with being pulled out of a meeting at work by a paniked call from my mom who had been pulled over only to discover her license had expired. I left work to pick her up because the police officer wouldn't let her leave with an expired license. Left my car there, took her home in her car to get the documentation she would need to get a new license, drive her to the DMV where we sit for an hour, stop for some lunch and then head back to pick up my car. I needed to get a new tire so I decided to go ahead and get it done since I was already out. I pull out of the parking lot of where we were and I hear the bad tire pop :(. I make it slowly to a nearby gas station and call AAA. I had to wait 45 minutes for a tow truck because the tire that popped was actually the spare that had been put on just a few days ago to replace a flat. I call DH to come and take me to where the car was being towed because I knew there was no way I would be able to pull myself up into the tow truck to ride along. While I am waiting for DH and the tow truck to arrive I decide to call my doctor's office because I had been feeling some wetness for a while and wasnt sure if I needed to be checked for fluid leakage. I was told that I needed to get to L&D as soon as possible to make sure that my membrane hadnt ruptured.
So, DH and I follow the tow truck to the tire place and wait about 30 minutes for the tire to be replaced. This was especially challenging since we had two impatient girls not happy about waiting. I called my mom to pick them up so we did not have to take them to the hospital with us. Twenty minutes later she arrived and we headed to L&D.

The nurses got me hooked up to the monitor and apparently Julia wanted no part of it. She kicked the monitors constantly and moved everytime they found the heartbeat. Both tests they ran were negative for amniotic flid (thank goodness) but they did find a mild infection. I have to call my doctor tomorrow to see if she wants to get me on antibiotics. The on-call doc saw that I have interstitial cystitis which often shows up as positive for infection so she decided to leave up to the doctor who knows me better. They discharged me and I was finally able to make it home safe and still pregnant.

I sure hope tomorrow is a better day.

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Wow what a crazy day. I'm glad you're home and still pg.

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That is a crazy day, I bet you are happy its over!

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What a day! I'm glad that everything turned out okay. Hope today is better!

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Sorry about your hectic day! I hope today is a better day for you Smile