What do you think (OT)

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What do you think (OT)

I've decided on what I'd like to get for Kyan to wear home.

I want to get this onesie off eBay:

Then have my sister in law customize it for me, Sorta like this:

With a cute material cut out K and then his name below it...

I also want to get each of my older boys a shirt like this:

Done the same way as the onesie. I think it would just be awesome!! I'd really love for the older brothers shirts to say, Biggest and bigger brother. Smile I just think it would be adorable!

I know my 6yr old, Kaden, will want the K inital to have mossey oak camo. Not sure about my oldest...

Thoughts? I have a real, REAL tight budget.. I can't afford to have someone make it for me like cafepress or anything, LOL!

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Love it!!!

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too cute!!!!!

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Very cute!

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I think it's a cute idea!!!

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I think it's a really cute idea, and even if you can't get it to say exactly what you want, it would still have the same effect!