What have you bought?

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What have you bought?

For the new baby so far?

We got a new stroller that can be a single or a double. I had been begging DH for a new, high quality one... since I have two other kids. I wanted one I could convert from a single to a double and that would hold larger kids as well. So, we got a Phil and Teds Explorer.

And I was able to talk DH into some newborn Lil Joey cloth diapers (6 new ones).

Other than that, having a boy and a girl already, we don't need much. I did pick up a dr. seuss green onesie on sale and a couple pair of red/green and white/red socks for Christmas time.

I'm hoping that once we have our gender scan, DH will let me buy a new outfit for the baby...

Other than that, I'd like a new diaper bag and then we will be set. I'd love to do new bedding, but unless I can sale the other two sets, that probably won't happen.

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I have bought a double snap n go stroller and 2 infant carseats and 1 travel size swing. I am also starting to pick up some little things like nail clippers etc during my weekly trip to Walmart. Oh I have also picked up some cases of wipes, diapers and a crib divider!
I figure if I have to prepare for 2 I better get started early Wink

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Nothing Lol Well nothing specifically for this baby yet. I am pretty much waiting until we know the gender.
We are definitely buying a mini crib, a new coming home outfit (I may try to sew one if it's a girl but I've seen some really cute dresses lately so I don't know), a new convertible car seat and possibly a new double stroller. I think we'll need clothes for either gender too but I haven't really gone through what we have yet. I'll need more cloth diapers since DS is still in diapers so we'll have 2 in diapers. I want another big wetbag too
I'll be sewing the bedding, which will probably just be sheets and maybe a dust ruffle depending on if it'll work with the crib we get. And I want to sew a new diaper bag since I can't find anything I really like.
I've pretty much made my list of things we'll get so once we know the gender it's just a matter of actually buying it all.

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I haven't bought anything. I'm waiting until we finish dd's new room b/c until that happens we don't have anywhere to put stuff. Plus dh's brother and his wife are done having kids and are giving us a bunch of stuff (bassinet, swing, floor mat, clothes).

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Nothing yet. I don't have much to get...of course I'll need a second car seat, and I need to get the toddler attachment for my stroller. Other than that, I don't need much, most of my newborn stuff is gender-neutral already, and we're not buying any new furniture for the baby. We do have to go shopping for new furniture for Claire, since the stuff she's using right now will be handed down to the baby.
I already made a bunch of new newborn fitteds, so I have to buy a few new covers and then I'm set for dipes since all the little ones I used on Claire are still in great shape!
Once I know the gender I'll probably get a few new full footie pjs, and then I'll knit a new hat and mitten set Smile

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I haven't bought anything so far. Really most things I would buy I want to wait to find out the gender for.

All our big items like PNP, car seat, stroller, swing, etc will be used again.

The one big item I want to get is an Arm's Reach co-sleeper, but I think my parents will buy me that.

And I want to make some things like a car seat tent and I will want til I find out gender before picking fabric for that too.

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I haven't bought anything for baby yet. I'm waiting for my big u/s in May. We don't need too mcuh this time around, but the few bigger things we do need I did register for. I am not expecting a shower but a few of our family and friends will want to buy gifts and I know they'll send me coupons to use so I made a very small registry with just the things we need.

We are set for furniture, a swing, a boucy seat, a jumperoo, most of the big things. I need a new infant seat because I gave ours away and I need a big stroller because all I have is a lightweight so I need something I can use with the infant seat. We need another pack n play because we're in a big house now...we have one in our room but I need one for the living room too. Then there's some smaller things I would like, an infant tub, a new diaper genie, and new carriers (this is a big want not a must have) for example.

I've seen so many cute clothes but I just don't feel comfortable buying them until we know this baby is healthy and ok. If this baby is a boy I won't have to buy many clothes at all.

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This was actually on my mind this morning! All of a sudden I feel like I am VERY behind preparing for this baby. I have bought a total of 3 bottles and 2 binkies. I made a small registry with some basics we'll need this time (and of course a couple of 'fun' things like infant toys.

We have the Phil and Ted's Explorer - LOVE it! But I need to get the second seat.

I am just SO ready to find out what we are having to really get serious about making preparations. If it's a boy, we are all set! If it's a girl we have some major work to do!

Really all of the big expenses will be on DS as his furniture will be passed down to this baby so we have to re-do his room!

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Add me to buying nothing. DD won't sit in a stroller anymore and we have the infant seat and 2 convertible seats already.

We are moving cross-country in 2 months so I won't be buying any prep stuff like diapers and wipes until we get there.

We have lots of neutral newborn stuff so I can't see buying anymore. I'm just waiting for the gender u/s to find out if I should keep all the 0-2y girl clothes we have or if they can be donated.

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I havn't bought anything either. I'm waiting to know the gender! If it's a girl DH said I can get all new stuff since the few things we do have saved are for boys. If It's a boy I'll still have to buy a lot of things but we have some basics covered already with the boys hand me downs.

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Ok so now I feel like I am the only one that has started buying! Seriously though, if it had been just 1 baby i would not have needed much of anything, but with the shock of twins that changed everything!!!! Suddenly I went from needing practically nothing to needing everything! LOL

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We actually have not bought anything yet. We are getting a hand me down stroller and car seat and I put all my family on to the crib/changer we want so they can get it. Otherwise it's too early. We want to know atleast the gender before we go buy crazy. We are making a few space adjustments in our one bedroom for baby but have not made any major purchases.

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I bought a double stroller at one of the consignment sales last fall (before I was even pregnant!) because I saw a nice Graco one that fits my infant carseat for $60. Couldn't pass it up!

The big spring consignment sale that I've been waiting for started today, so I went early and got a swing (I had a really old, hand-me-down one for DD that I have since gotten rid of), a bedding set, and some boy clothes and shoes. For DD I found a bathing suit, a pair of sandals, and one super cute outfit that I couldn't pass up (she asked to put it on as soon as we got home... lol!)

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I have not bought anything yet. I'm planning a shopping trip with my MIL in the next few weeks. I'm starting to feel the "urge" to prepare. LOL

I have to clear up the nursery still (it quickly became our "stuff room" as we were unpacking and as it is, you can't really walk into it).

On my list of "needed" items for this baby are: a swing, a bouncer (was hoping to get this cause it matched our high chair, but guess that won't be happening as it's now sold out. http://www.babysupermarket.com/Graco-Broadstreet-Swing-N-Bounce/PAAAAAPFNLILAJGL/Product?ad_id=Froogle&key_id=Graco_Broadstreet_Swing_N_Bounce&zmam=70762581&zmas=1&zmac=1&zmap=10704). I want to get a double jogger so I can toss Daniel in with the baby and start getting my body back (I feel I can actually apply myself this time as we don't plan to have any more babies), and eventually we will need an excersauser. As far as clothes go, boy or girl we will mostly need it all as this is a different season baby as my others. And, of course, I need diapers. I'm planning on cloth diapering this time, so I should probably start buying some gender neutral diapies soon. Smile

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Oh, there are some breast feeding supplies on my list (like milkies and a storage organizer for the freezer) and some CD accessories, but those are cheaper and not as big of an issue.

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This is just something that we really liked with my son and I thought I would share, although I am not seeing it at Babies R Us anymore, and it appears that Amazon is out of stock, but we loved this:

I used the under part to store diapers/wipes, extra burp cloths, so I could have it all handy when I needed it. And I loved him being seat height instead of having to bend to the floor for a bouncy seat. And because I had a c-section and couldn't bend easily it was really convenient!

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I have only bought little things, a couple of outfits and a couple of blankets, because they had frogs on them and I couldn't resist (our nursery theme is frogs).

I am very lucky in that I have a friend that is going to donate to me a crib, bouncy seat, and swing. He is still using them atm, and I don't have room for them yet, but I expect to get them in June or July. I have another friend that is going to give me her bassinet. That will save us so much money! We'll still need to get a pack and play for the family room, a stroller, car seat(s), a high chair (eventually), bedding, and clothes. We'll be having a shower so some of it will be coming as gifts, but I expect the larger items will fall on our shoulders, as both families are out of state, and will probably send gift cards or cash to avoid shipping costs.

I won't be even looking at any of that stuff, though, until I find out the gender.

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nothing really. This is our fourth and our third is only 10 months old, so we should be pretty set. If it is a boy we will need some clothes. I bought 3 bum genius xsmall diapers, but that is it. once I know gender we will see if we need anything. We have an awesome stroller already so I will just get the toddler attachment for it.

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Nothing yet.

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Im waiting til I know what it is (may 4th!)

We have most of the basics, will need furniture for his/her room (Braydens was "grow with me" furniture, so his crib is now his toddler bed and will also be his "big" bed) I'd like to do the same for this one.

Im lusting after a BabyHawk and an Ergo, but will wait on that for a bit - we need to get caught up on some of SD17's medical bills from her therapist.


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I have purchased a couple things here and there... a couple sleep and plays a couple sweaters another bouncy seat and exersaucer all purchased at either the mothers of multiples sale or at a local rummage sale that started yesterday. Still on the hunt for a great deal on a sit and stand stroller and bumbo seat.
Add an Ergo carrier.

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Oh Erin, if I was having twins I would definitely be buying the small gender neutral things by now. I'd probably be looking at getting things we'd need two of that I don't have to buy because we're reusing from the other kids like bouncers and car seats and even the double stroller.
Almost everything we need is mostly stuff I want to go gender specific with, except the crib...but since we don't have a lot of space I don't mind waiting on that. Especially since baby is going in our room and I plan on painting in there once it gets warmer out. One less thing to move back and forth

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I have bought...

One whopping three pack of onesies- gender neutral, although we are pretty sure it's a boy

I still don't feel pregnant- just very tired and very fat. I cannot wait for the next month to go by- by then, I'll feel pregnant because I'll start to feel him move and maybe I'll be less tired. Haha.

We have so much to buy since I foolishly sold all of my baby stuff or gave it away... But I'm not going to start fretting- yet.

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I haven't gotten a single thing! I'm so stinkin supersticious that I'm afraid to buy anything just yet. Maybe once we have our big ultrasound I will go out and get something. We have pretty much all the newborn stuff we need...everything is gender neutral as we didn't know what our first was. We still have everything from the other kiddos, so baby stuff is pretty much taken care of. If baby is a girl we are set, if it's a boy we'll need some blue...but I'd be REALLY shocked if it wasn't another girl.

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I've purchased some more cloth diapers. I'll have 2 in diapers, so definitely want more. Wink

Nothing for clothes yet.... I bought a lot of gender neutral stuff while I was pregnant last time, so I'll just use that for this one, and then if it is a girl, I'll purchase after she's born. If it is a boy, it'll be the same season stuff, and won't need to buy much.

I'm hoping this little one stays in a bassinet longer, then move to the pack n play, because J will still be in his crib.....

I have an infant car seat, and will probably purchase a new one for J, and let this little one have his current convertible carseat for the second car.

I already purchased a Skip Hop Duo Double diaper bag - but not sure that I'm loving it yet.

I'm hoping to eventually convince my husband to get a Phil & Ted's with doubles kit, but I'm sure he won't be happy about it. I need a double that will fit in a Camry, and I think my choices are limited. Maybe he'll go for one off craigslist. Wink

other than that, I think I have pretty much everything.... a new house would be nice - this one is pretty small. Blum 3

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Nothing YET. I'm waiting to see who's in there before I go on spending spree's. It's just so much more fun knowing who I'm shopping for (=

I sure hope it's my lil girl.. Something different ya know? Buying for boys is kinda boring...

And besides she'll be daddies little girl and he'll be wanting to go shopping too! hahaha!!

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Today I just picked up our new stroller and car seat combo (and its AWESOME!) for 100 bucks on clearance! And a super cute diaper bag! It has a big one for the longer trips, a small one for quick trips, and even a bottle bag to keep the bottles cool.

I was all excited, put the stroller together myself when we got home haha! I am really happy with it now that its out of the box. The stroller is light but not cheaply built. The car seat is really nice and even comes with an infant headrest already installed. It also came with the base for the car. We probably won't get a second base because there is almost no reason why DH would have the baby in his car. If he did need it, we'd just swap the one base we have.

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We bought a double stroller. I really wanted a sit n stand until I tried them out in the store and we saw this one. Delaney will walk most of the time, but it will be nice for her to have the option to sit if she wants. Its crazy how many ways you can change the seats around to go in different directions. This really will be are only (big) purchase. We have almost everything else this new little one will need.

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I think you'll like it Libby! I have this stroller for DS ( http://www.amazon.com/Kolcraft-Contours-Options-Stroller-Cinnamon/dp/B002UKKVIY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=baby-products&qid=1304354166&sr=8-2 ) so same company and some of the same options just a single stroller and I *love* it (and it's super cheap right now!! It comes with a car seat adapter that will fit any car seat too, much better than the travel systems!)

Still haven't bought anything for this LO. It's been one thing after another as far as other expenses and I decided on Sunbaby diapers but they are getting new prints this month so I'm waiting to see what those are before ordering. Mostly though it's just that I don't have a whole lot of time for fun shopping these days. I'd love to get some clothes but all the summer stuff is out in full swing now and I'm not sure I'll want summer outfits for baby this year, Sept can be pretty chilly around here especially for a newborn.

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Whoops. Already replied.

preggo brain!

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Add to my list, that I NEED a new breastpump!! I had the Medela single electric last time which was fine, but I was largely home with Claire and so only needed to occasionally pump. This time around, DH will be home with the little one, and I'll be working out of the house quite a bit more, so I'll need to do a lot more pumping. I want to get the nice double programmable style.
...and I need a new diaper bag with room for 2 babies' stuff!!

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We haven't bought anything yet. I want to wait until we find out the gender. We will know tomorrow!!!! We need a second pack-n-play, a swing, a new car seat, and gender-specific clothes if it is a boy.

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We have bought a new pack n play (replacing our 7 year old/been through 3 kids one), a couple of newborn gowns, a pair of mary-jane socks, and a cute jammie/hat/bib set for her.

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Increased my baby purchase by another item today! MIL bought us a Graco Swing 'N Bounce that matches our high chair! Yahoo


So that makes that, the ERGO sport, and the baby monitor (that I bought early to use for Daniel and forgot I got it to use with the baby as well).

I'm getting prepared, slowly. Smile

Now to start saving for the double jogger I want that's $225!!! :eek:

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*I* still haven't bought much for baby Lol But we have a crib now, and my mom got a ton of clothes, I saw some carters outfits that might work perfectly for a going home outfit so I am hoping tomorrow dh will come to the mall with me (my mother's day 'wish' Lol ) and pick one out, we really don't need all that much. I want to buy a miracle blanket or two though, I've heard good things and I want some muslin swaddle blankets, which are pretty pricey.

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Went shopping at the mall this weekend... we have H&M! DH picked out the cutest little coat and then let me pick out a onesie/pants/hat outfit and THE cutest little light pink shoes. Smile This baby really doesn't need much because we already have girl clothes from her older sister... but, she had to have at least one NEW oufit. Wink

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Ugh, so yesterday I found out that the Graco Swing'n Bounce that MIL paid for is NOT going to be sent. We ordered it The day before Mother's day and they screwed up and never told us that it wasn't available. I had to contact THEM to find out. They screwed up so much that I had to tell them to take it off their website cause just yesterday it showed that you could still buy it online or IN store. I am so more than disappointed by this. It was gonna match our highchair. Now I'm not sure what we will do. Obviously we still have a little time to figure it out, but it sucks that they led us on. :angry5:

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We have the nursery furniture and I have bought several outfits. We are waiting on the bedding to arrive and the mobile and lamp are here. That's about all so far. I will be having 2 showers so I hate to buy too much right now. But, I will start buying diapers in the near future so we will have a stash. I'm going to shop a bit today at Carter's and Osh Kosh so I'm sure I'll come home with some more outfits. I also plan to hit up the LSU store and buy some pacifiers and bottles for him.