What kind of thermometer do you use?

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What kind of thermometer do you use?

I want to do some research on a good thermometer. I want one that is fairly accurate and reliable and one that I can use for all the kids. I know that rectal temp is the most accurate in infants (so I will continue to do that for Daniel ) but would like to have something that is easy to use and accurate for the girls too.

What does everyone use for their children?

Also, has anyone used the battery operated aspirator before versus the manual? Is it a money waster or work pretty well?

It is cold and flu season now and I want to prepare myself!!!

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We have a Braun ear thermometer that seems to be fairly good. With our oldest, I usually take her temp at least twice just to make sure it was positioned right.

For the baby we just have two cheap digital ones -- one for under the arm/quick check and one to use rectally if necessary.

I've only used the manual aspirators but I do like the saline sprays to help get stuff out.

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We also use the Braun ear therm. for dd1. For the baby we use a rectal therm. But I don't remember the brand.

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I can't remember the brand of either but we have a forehead thermometer for the older kids, it's supposed to be a pretty good, accurate one. I'll have to check brand today.
We use a rectal thermometer with Isaiah and will until closer to a year old

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for non infants, I use the CVS brand ear thermometer. It's not great in terms of accuracy (nothing but rectal or GOOD oral is really accurate) but for a 3 year old, it doesnt matter as much, kwim?

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I use a forehead thermometer. I've found it is pretty close to what they get at the doctor's office.

I can usually gauge DD1's temp by feeling her forehead/back of neck with my hand now. I'm not as accurate with the baby though, so I rely on the thermometer for her.

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We also have the Braun ear thermometer. It's what the pedi uses and it works pretty well.

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We use a forehead thermometer. I will never use anything else! Can use them on sleeping kids and behind the ear too. They use the same thing at the drs too. Our pedi actually sells the same one they use in their pharmacy,.but we got a cheaper ($30) one from target.