What is my deal?

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What is my deal?

My sister in law and good friend just had their babies (one last week and one this morning). I am soooooo excited to have little ones very close in age to Daniel. Smile They can grow up close with one another.

Seeing these brand new babes and the excitement, joy and anticipation involved me sad that I will never experience that anticipation and excitement of carrying a baby and meeting him/her at birth. I l know that I am done with babies and am working on losing this weight for good, so I wish I wasn't feeling like this!!!!!! Sad Oh and Daniel is growing way too fast.. Sad

Normal feelings, I suppose??

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I'd say normal. I'm in the same boat. DH still hasn't scheduled his big V so I'm taking mini pill and bfing full time. I had to listen to my hypnobirthing while on the road to visit FIL (14 hour drive) so that I could get some sleep, and it made me nostalgic for the labor and delivery process I went through with Evie, and it was a HARD FAST labor after a long and drawn out early labor and I had a seizure like response afterwards. Let me tell you, I did not expect to be nostalgic about that one! Lol

I just keep reminding DH that he needs to make his appointment. I want it done before I change my mind. :confused:

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I think it's all normal feelings. We keep going back and forth on hubby getting the big V done, but it's rough on him, he loves babies soooo much, and it's a million times worse for me, I just don't let it be THAT well known to him.

I feel so ripped off by this pregnancy and especially the delivery, and the lack of 'first pics' after she was delivered and all goopy etc, that I dunno, I kinda want another one and get so upset thinking I'm done.

I had an appt at our local hospital the other day and they had a baby bed in the hallway "remember the local hospital no longer delivers babies due to no baby dr" and sitting there I kept getting teary eyed. I wondered if I'd make a fool of myself sitting there bawling but held it together :(. Sigh. Why is it so easy for some but not other's?

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I'm right there with you. My cousin had her baby last week (me and 2 of my cousins were all pregnant at the same time, due 3 weeks apart, the cousin due before me had her baby 2 days after me and the poor cousin due last went overdue) and visiting her in the hospital got me all nostalgic, it wasn't even at the hospital I gave birth at and Isaiah was SO much bigger than a newborn already. I don't even like being pregnant all that much anymore Lol but it's sad knowing I'll never be staring at a pregnancy test waiting to see the result, analyzing lines, wondering 'who' is in there, anticipating when that baby's birthday will be and who they'll look like and all that.
DH already had his vasectomy so unless God has other plans for us, we're done. I am kind of glad he did it when I was pregnant because when I was pregnant I thought I'd feel done after Isaiah, I was at peace with that decision even if I was a little sad about the finality of it all....it's only been since he's been born that I feel like this.

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I am the same way I had my tubes tied, but alot of ppl I know are pregnant or just had babies it makes me sad that I cant have anymore. ( i think for me it is cause I feel ripped off being away from kesler for all that time, I feel like i missed out on the newborn stage and bonding Sad

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I think your feelings are normal. CJ might be our last so sometimes it makes me sad to think that I'm never going to experience this again.

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i completely understand! when i got pregnant withKendra we had decided she would be the one and only for me. now that i have her im not so sure. my little sister (18) is 10 weeks pregnant and i am so jealous of her. brian told me the other day a friend is pregnant, again i was jealous. im not sure if im ready to say im done having babies, i am SO enjoying being a momma! i miss being pregnant!! and im also still VERY upset that i didnt see her all goopy and yucky thanks to the dr just taking her away for no reason. i only have pictures of her starting 10 minutes after she was born Sad

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Oh not me. That is the last thing on my mind. Maybe if she wasn't colic. Just found out last week that my brother is going to have his second baby, so maybe when that one comes I may get the fever. the deal was always dh could have 3 chances for a boy, so I'm not saying no, just no for now