What My son thinks

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What My son thinks

DH and I ask our DS what we are having, just to see what he would say. First, it was a brother-sister and now it's a Puppy. He also thinks that he is pregnant and is also having a puppy. He will lift up his shirt and show me his puppy belly. Too cute.

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Awe! That's adorable! LOL

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That is so adorable!!!

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Too precious.

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Too cute! I love it!

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That's both adorable AND funny! Hope he's not too surprised to see an actual baby and not a puppy hehe! I asked Heather that question and she says it's a baby sister and she swears that's what i'm having. I asked her "but, what if it's a baby boy?" and got ""no mommy I don't want a brother, it has to be a sister like Hailey" LOL.

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Not sure how he is going to react to a baby instead of a puppy. We are soo not ready for a puppy.

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that is adorable!

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That's so cute. A girl I work with, when she was pregnant, her son kept telling her that she was having a t-rex. LOL!

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Adorable! Write that down in his baby book if you are keeping one for him.

DD insists we're having a girl, because she wants a sister. "But sweetie, it might be a brother.." "No, Mom, I want a sister!"

She also told me that this one is a sister and the next one will be a brother.

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Brayden also thinks that he has a baby in his belly - it used to be a "pink baby", now it's a "Baby 'sandra". However, he also thinks that my chest is where the baby is.

last night, he asked to go in my tummy so he could play with baby 'sandra" LOL


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Star that's too funny. In our house we have a habit of saying at lunch or dinner time that the baby is hungry so we need to eat. DS doesn't like to stop what he is doing to eat, he is now saying my baby is hungry too. lol He also wants to see the baby in mommys belly, but we have to tell him that the baby is still growing and wont be here until around his birthday in Sept.

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Too cute. I haven't told Claire yet, but I did have a dream that I was having kittens!