What we like about Sept babies...

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What we like about Sept babies...

Okay- for those Mommas who have been there, done that...

(Which is quite a few of us!)

What do you like about having a September baby?

I love the birth stone- sapphires are gorgeous!

And I also love that my child will start kindergarten right before they turn 5. Here- the end of September is the cut-off date and you can hold them back or send them through... We sent my almost-6 year old through last year and he was great in school. So great that I cannot wait for the next two weeks to fly so he can be BACK in school Wink Hehehe!

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DD was due in September, but born October 2nd... that's close enough, right? Wink

I also love the sapphire birthstone. I like that you have the maximum amount of time to get back in shape before bathing suit season comes again! Lol!

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DD1 was due in September born in July Wink I do love that the weather is nice enough that they can do outdoor parties, always makes things easier and less hectic! Our kindergarten cutoff is September 1st so if I do make it to 37+ weeks (haven't yet but you never know) he'll be after the cutoff.

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I haven't been there before, but the whole idea of getting back into shape before summer and pool time is what I have been thinking about.... Also the ease of baby-wearing w/o getting all sweaty.

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Nice enough to take baby on walks when they are little before the weather turns cold, and generally after the weather is done being miserably hot.

Not close to any big holidays so it's easier to plan birthday parties.

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This is my 4th "September" baby although he will more than likely be born right at the end of August. I love September b/c it's the start of Fall which is my favorite season - birthdays are fun and the weathre is awesome. I also love that I can decide if my child is ready to start school or not - that's a big plus. And did I mention it's beautiful here that time of year? lol Smile

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The weather is the best thing I think about Sept. babies. The humidity has gone but its still warm out, so you don't have to bundle the babies up yet.

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Besides the beautiful birthstone, I don't have anything that i like more or less about September...

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I do like the birthstone. They are changing the cutoff here in CA (to the beginning of (September I think) so I'm pretty sure this little guy will miss it.

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I've never had a Sept baby and I hope that these arent either! LOL
Either way here in the South it is still hot so.....once i hit full term these babies can come!