What would you do? L&D mentioned UPDATE post #9

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What would you do? L&D mentioned UPDATE post #9


So, I had my 37 week check up today. Since my doc was "on call" my appointment was with another doc. She guestimates baby to be upper 6's, lower 7's on weight (pounds). She verified that baby was head down with a real quick, short span u/s. I'm GBS negative.

When she asked if I've had any extra leaking or anything, I said not that I've noticed.

First off... I have a TON of discharge. I change my panty liner at least 4 times a day. But it's lotiony and white. With this loads of discharge, I occasionally feel it "leaking" out. I'm always monitoring the consistency of it and two weeks ago my doc did the litmus strip test to make sure I wasn't leaking amnio fluid.

Well, today I left there with no internal or anything cause she didn't want to aggravate my cervix.

After I left the doc's I had lunch with my mom and mentioned a very strong, sharp pain I had in my upper front uterine area last night when I got up from the couch. I figured it was the baby getting aggressive with me. The pain lasted a good 30 seconds or so and caused me to stop moving and "brace" and breathe. It was VERY localized. I thought about the possibility of it being a minor placenta abruption (I have an anterior placenta), and watched for signs of bleeding, both in my discharge and in bruising in my skin where it happened. None whatsoever. No increase in BH, no changes otherwise.

Fast forward. Now I have had a few BH's but haven't timed them. I have had quite a bit more than yesterday. I feel "wet" like I've worked up a sweat. My undies are NOT damp (other than the lotiony discharge) but I can "push" liquid out of me (and no, it's not pee). I have a "mustier" smell when I feel the small tiny little not quite gushes happen.

Baby is moving A LOT today and when baby moves, I can feel a little more trickle.

Would you say this is possibly amnio fluid? Do you think the pain I had happen last night was a "rupture" or a "tear" happening?

Should I go in and have it tested? Do you think they'd put a timer on my delivery if it WAS amnio fluid? It's a birthing center, but it's the hospital's L&D.

I'm torn. But my next appointment isn't until Thursday. :confused:

What would you do?

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I definately say you should go in! If you can feel small gushes etc, it could very well be amnio fluid. When I was pregnant with Heather, I had a super small leak... only because she was so far down her head was blocking anything much from coming out. I too always felt sweaty down there etc, and at that time, i thought it was just really hot in our apartment so I was just naturally sweaty.

I definately think it wouldn't hurt to go in, especially since your next appt isn't for another week. At least you could put your mind at ease to know whether it is or isn't something, kwim.

KUP on what you decide, but if that were me, and if I could for sure push gushes of liquid out that wasn't pee, i would be headed in.

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I would definitely go in, even if its only for peace of mind that everything is ok.

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Well, I called the doc I saw earlier today for my checkup. She said it's PROBABLY just discharge, but if I feel a slight trickle (making it to the panties or not) when baby moves or I feel I'm able to push some out, then it MIGHT be amniotic fluid, so she told me to go get checked at L&D.

So I called my mom and told her that I'll be going in but that I'm gonna wait for DH to get home which could be anytime between now and an hour. If he's home before 6, then we'll take the kids to her at her office, but if it's closer to 6 than we'll wait for her to come here for the boys.

I'll let you know what they say.

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hope everything turns out to be ok.

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Sounds like it could go either way! Will be keeping an eye out for an update Smile FWIW I have had similar kinds of pains too, not sure what they are but they sure do pinch!!

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KUP! Always better to get it checked out if you are unsure.
I will say I thought my water broke while I was in the hospital earlier in the week because whenever I'd contract I could feel myself 'leaking', but it turned out to just be discharge. I think it just generally picks up big time when you get to the final weeks because I remember thinking my water broke in that last week or so with DS too.

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I hope it turns out to be nothing, but better safe than sorry. I'll have my phone near me just in case it is the real thing.

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I'm back. No amnio fluid. No cervical check.. but about 5 or so contractions during the 1.5 hour monitor and two of them were doozies. Smile

I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to sleep much tonight considering this is the most promising contractions I've had the last few days (and have had more since being discharged) and tomorrow's full moon plus the meteor shower tonight.

I'll keep you guys posted if something happens... but likely nothing will given my history. Lol

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Janelle, I hope you were able to get some sleep last night. Easier sai than done, but try to rest as much as possible.