What would you do/need some advice

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What would you do/need some advice

So, my MIL and SIL are hosting a shower for me. I am so grateful, because there really are a few things we need, and I know a shower for a second baby is not always done. BUT, she wants to schedule it for August 13th. Like 2 WEEKS before my due date.

I guess I'm feeling like that is a little close. Even one week earlier I would be fine with, but something about only two weeks seems late to me.

What do you think? Is that too close? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill (probably). Do I ask her to change the date? That seems ungrateful (which i am NOT!)

What would you do?

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That does seem a bit close. My MIL asked me to hold off on ours until the End of august, which is 4 weeks before mine and I declined. It all really depends on how comfortable you think you will be at that point. And if they havent sent out invites yet I don't think it would be rude to ask about alternative dates.

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2 weeks seems pretty close to me. Even if you don't go until your due date (or after) it doesn't leave you a lot of time to finish up shopping for anything that you still need to get after the shower. I agree that if the invites haven't gone out yet, it seems reasonable to discuss other dates. Tell them how excited you are about the shower, but that you're nervous about it being SO close to the due date. Hopefully they'll understand.

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Thanks, ladies. I appreciate the advice. I put it on my calendar on the 13th for now, but when she and mt FIL get back from their trip this weekend, I think I'll at least approach the subject.

If she seems set on having it that day, I won't make a big deal about it. I'd be happy with a late baby shower as opposed to no baby shower! Smile

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that is totally not ungrateful. and btw, this is my 3rd baby and I still am having a babyshower LOL may seem ungrateful but I think every baby deserves new nice things, same as the 1st. anywho, 2 weeks before the EDD is strange, usually its about a month before, just incase. I would just ask them to make it a bit earlier. they know you're not being ungrateful. Smile My shower is aug 6 and im due sept 13.

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I agree with Heather, I would just tell them how nervous you are about how close it is to your due date.

I will be 32 weeks for my birthday/shower at the end of July and I'm still a little antsy, so I can totally understand why you're so nervous.

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Mine was scheduled for about 2 1/2 weeks before my due date.... but I didn't know any different, so I didn't let it bother me.... Turns out I went 15 days overdue and it didn't matter anyway, coz I had plenty of time to take everything.

I would say only make it an issue if it gets really close and it turns out it's really really a bad time.
I was huge, and uncomfortable... but I was going to be huge and uncomfortable either in my house or someone elses!

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I wouldnt want mine that close to my EDD either. The girls who did mine wanted mine around the same time, which is 2 weeks prior and i politely told them i wasnt comfortable with it. They werent at all upset with me either.

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