What are you wearing right now?

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What are you wearing right now?

I am seriously struggling!

I have a belly, but not big enough to 'fill out' my maternity pants. They are all still loose. I have a bella band, but it so tight now it's uncomfortable!

Maternity tops look big and baggy, and just make me feel fat, but my regular shirts are sooo tight its a little obscene.

What is working for you right now? Are you in maternity clothes full-time yet? Still buttoning your pre-preg jeans (wait, if you are still in your pre preg jeans AND buttoning them, I don't wan't to know!!)

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I am in my maternity clothes. My tops are mostly small so they fit pretty well, definitely not too big. In fact, I'm doubting that I'll be able to fit into smalls for very much longer with as big as I am already. Sigh.

I did buy new maternity jeans. The ones I buy are no/under belly so they fit almost like regular jeans. Plus, two of them are like skinny jeans so they stretch a fair bit.

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I've been out of normal clothes since i was 6 weeks! :rolleyes:

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I have been in a combo of maternity pants and regular pants for awhile. Shirts are mostly pre-pg and will be that way my entire pg (I hate mat shirts)!

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I've been too lazy to pull out the maternity jeans. I am in mostly my 'normal' clothes. If I wear my normal jeans I do the rubber band trick, though I doubt I'll be able to for much longer because even that is getting a little uncomfortable. However, I got a pair of jeans that are non-maternity after I had DS and they have a bit of stretch and are a size or two bigger than my normal jeans and those fit pretty well, even buttoned. Shirts are mostly normal, I have brought out some maternity but so far mostly normal stuff. I am actually hoping to get by this summer with mostly non-maternity sundresses.

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I am wearing my jeans with the rubberband trick, yoga and lounging pants. I do have some fitted type maternity shirts that I bought at Old Navy and I am wearing them most of the time. Once the weather warms I also have some capris that are a cotton knit that I got from ON that I will be wearing!

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I'm mostly wearing maternity clothes because that's what I have unpacked! They're too big at the moment, but I prefer that to being on the tight side, because waistbands make me really nauseous. Although it has been annoying to have my pants sliding down all day today! I am still wearing a lot of my pre-pregnancy shirts. I don't even know where my regular pants are right now.

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My shirts are a mixture of maternity and pre-preg. Pre-preg they have to be loose/long enough and maternity can't be too big.

My prefered pants are a maternity pair that I wear with a belt (under the belly) and a maternity pair with a large flexible band at the waist (also under the belly). These were my favourites last time too. I don't like full maternity pants until month 7 or 8.

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I probably could wear my maternity clothes, but I know I'll be living in them exclusively later, and I am not ready to limit my wardrobe yet!

I'm still in regular clothes, though shirts are mysteriously getting shorter, so I have to make sure to wear my long tanks or tees underneath.

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My maternity wardrobe is actually better than my regular wardrobe. Sad. I had a friend give me a pair of Lilac maternity jeans which I love and started wearing about 12 weeks. I then bought a couple more on babysteals.com so I have pretty much been wearing those every day, rotating them. I can't do regular jeans any more, I can't stand tightness on my belly. I have been wearing mostly regular tops, but yesterday I realized that it wasn't very flattering. I wore my first maternity top today and I was surprised how nice it looked.

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HAHA! I thought at first that you were asking us to describe the exact outfit we had on atm. Wink

I'm in maternity pants full time and go back and forth with shirts. We spent three and a half months (end of Oct.- Mid-Feb.)... homeless and living with friends/relatives as we transitioned out of the military and DH got a civillian job and then we found a house and moved in. Too many sweets over the holidays and no exercise caused me to gain weight before I was even preggo, so I switched to mat. pants at about 7 weeks because my big pants were all in storage or on their way here and it was all I had. Sad I only have maternity pants that are under low waist/under the belly. I can't stand the ones that completely cover the belly. I'm pretty short waisted and only have room to go out. Wink

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Im in pretty much all maternity now.

My regular shirts REALLY dont fit; I've been in mat. pants for over a month now. Last time I did the under belly type, but I REALLY like the secret belly fit kind this time around - the low ones rub horribly on my c-section scar.

All my mat shirts (as far as I can manage) are babydoll, so I do *look* preggo and not "just" fat. And they're mostly on the smaller side, so they dont look ridiculous.

I need to take a pic at some point, I havent done any belly pics yet so far.


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I have moved to almost exclusively dresses, both maternity and regular types. I don't like the feel of anything on my belly this time, so it was a no brainer for me to wear dresses. I have bought about 15 new dresses.

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I tried to get maternity clothes today and had NO luck! All the jeans were too long because I am only 5'1. I need petite maternity but don't know if that exists~

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I just buy capris and wear them as pants. Have you tried that? Or just get your things shortened.

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I wear maternity pants and shirts for the most part. I have a few regular t-shirts that I wear, they are just tight on my belly. Thank goodness I wear scrubs to work. I have had to go up a size in shirts for scrubs though. They are actually provided through work since we get dirty sometimes so I wasn't out any money.

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Still in regular clothes, I did order new maternity pants but they haven't arrived yet. When I was PG with DS1 I didn't wear maternity clothes until I was 7 months. I am hoping to make it that long again.

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I'm in maternity bottoms and some mat shirts. I got some new under-belly mat jeans - you can't even tell they're not regular jeans! Most of my tops are longish tunic-type knit tops, so I can wear those for a while still. I ususlly wear little cardigans or blazers on top, so I can continue to wear those unbuttoned probably for most of my pregnancy.

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keeping in mind this is my fourth but I haven't worn 'regular' jeans since about 11 weeks. I mostly wear maternity jeans, with regular tops or maternity tops and yoga pants.